Special Extra Chapters and Reverse POVs

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Read the parts I didn’t put in the books.

In response to popular demand, I’ve written a few chapters from alternate characters’ points of view, as well as a few prequels. These along with out-takes and other bits and bobs can be found here! I hope you like them.


nightschool UKPrequels

The Day the Lights went Out
Read this story of Isabelle and Raj five years before Night School 1. Find out how the fight with Nathaniel first began.

Welcome to Brixton Hill
Allie has been transferred to Brixton Hill School, and she’s about to meet two boys who will change her life. Their names are Mark and Harry.






Night School Serbia cover

Legacy Out-take

You’ll be Safe Here
An out-take chapter from the start of Legacy. Allie and Rachel are at Rachel’s family home in the countryside. They feel safe there, but are they?








Legacy US cover

Carter’s POV

Just Breathe
See the Summer Splash from Carter’s point of view. Saving Allie in the pond in the dark in the nude…

Take a Chance
Here’s THAT scene in Carter’s bedroom from Night School 1, from Carter’s perspective.
Lesen Sie die Szene in Deutsch

The Winter Ball
See the night of the Winter Ball from Legacy from Carter’s perspective. Why did he do that?
Leer la escena en español.
Lesen Sie die Szene in Deutsch




Polish cover of Resistance (2)

Sylvain’s POV

We Can Take it Back
The night of the Winter Ball from Legacy, told from Sylvain’s point of view. Why did he follow Allie outside?

We Need to Run
The fight in the woods with Gabe from Legacy, seen from Sylvain’s point of view.