Number 10 – coming in 2020

Photo: Sergeant Tom Robinson RLC/MOD

Eight months ago, Gray Langtry’s mother became prime minister

Overnight, Gray’s life changed.

The family moved into the official prime minister’s London residence at Number 10 Downing Street, leaving their home behind for a new world of politics, intrigue, and public scrutiny. With the scars from her parents’ divorce still raw, Gray finds herself the subject of constant attention. Tabloids analyse her figure, her hair, and the length of her skirts. Bodyguards accompany her everywhere. All her freedom evaporates.

Unwilling to live like this, Gray fights against the rules, sometimes lying if she needs to get away from her guards to be a normal person for a while. But when she’s photographed drunk outside a London nightclub with her best friend Chloe, her mother is furious. Gray is grounded and given new bodyguards – younger, cooler, and harder to fool than the last batch.

The threat

It’s Julia, the bodyguard, who tells her why her mother was so angry. A new terrorist organisation issued a threat to kill the two of them, she says, and the threat is credible. When Gray’s mother realised her daughter was out on the street without protection she panicked.

When Gray tries to find out more about the threat though, no one will tell her. Her mother never mentions it and the bodyguards are forbidden to say more. Locked up in Number 10 night after night, Gray decides to find answers. The prime minister’s building connects to other government offices in a variety of ways;  she uses them all, slipping out late at night when the buildings are empty to search for clues. If someone wants to kill her, she at least deserves to know why.

At the same time, she forms a friendship with the son of her mother’s political enemy. Jake McIntyre’s father is the man her mother beat to become prime minister. The two of them go to the same school. They’ve always avoided each other but, when fate throws them together, Gray starts to think Jake is the only person who really gets what her life is like. Convinced he’s working for his father, her mother forbids her to spend time with him. But Gray believes he might be able to help her learn the truth.

One night, while sneaking through grand government halls, she gets far more than she bargained for. She realises the situation is much worse than even her mother’s security team suspects. But will anyone believe the prime minister’s wild child daughter?

Afraid for herself, her mother, and her country, Gray is determined to find proof. But she must move fast.

The clock is ticking.

Number 10 in the press

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Number 10 Publication dates and languages

Number 10 will be published in 2020. It’s the first book in a new series set in the world of Cimmeria Academy.

So far it’s scheduled to be available in five languages:

  • German (Oetinger)
  • French (Robert Laffont)
  • Spanish (Ediciones Urano)
  • Hebrew (Books in the Attic)
  • Serbian (Laguna)

I hope more languages will follow!