Night School The Short Stories

This book of Night School extras has been a long time coming. But it’s here at last! Filled with short stories, out-takes, prequels, early editions and more, all set in the world of Cimmeria Academy. None of these has ever been published before, although many will be familiar to members of my Book Club.

Included is an excerpt from an early paranormal version of Night School, complete with immortals and ghosts.  This was never published because the books gradually evolved into a non-paranormal series during the writing process. But it is the original vision for the series.

Along with that, you can read chapters from the perspective of Carter and Sylvain. Get inside their heads at last. And read prequels that explain what happened in the years before Night School begins.

With illustrations by Jasmine Aurora, and introductions to each section by CJ Daugherty, filled with gossipy information about how the books and characters came to be.

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Night School: The Short Stories is on sale worldwide via Amazon, or directly from my publisher.

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