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You’ll get reading recommendations for books I’ve read and loved, including books that inspired my writing.

If you loved The Echo Killing, you can now read The Shut out – an exclusive short story set in between books 1 and 2 in the Harper McClain series. If you loved Night School, please read Night School 1987 — my Night School prequel set at Cimmeria Academy when Isabelle was 16.

In fact, there’s a whole section for Night School fans, with links to exclusive prequels set in the Night School world, as well as reverse points of view chapters and more.

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Night School 1987 Short Story

As a lockdown distraction, I’ve written a 2-part short story set in the world of Night School, but 30 years ago. It’s 1987 at Cimmeria Academy, and Isabelle, Raj Patel, Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Meldrum (Allie’s mother) are all students. It’s a normal day for them, but something is about to happen.


Other languages:

Read Parts 1&2 in Polish (Translation by Julia Zajt)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Norwegian (Translation by Julie Petersen)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in German (Translation by Franzi Engel)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Serbian (Translation by Anastasija Zdrale)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Greek (Translation by Nefeli Garyfalia Sassalou)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Italian (Translation by Elisa Casagrande)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Spanish (Translated by Leslie Zaldivar)
Read Parts 1 & 2 in Portuguese (Translated by Soraya Martins)
Read Part 1 in French (Translated by Fanny Martin)

*Anyone who wants to translate the short story into another language, DM me on Twitter/Instagram or email me:*

Book Recommendations

Reading Recommendations – Books I Love

These are books I try and force all my friends to read. It’s a mix of longtime loves and recent discoveries.  I could have put 100 books here. But I’m trying to be restrained. So these are the ones I’m most in love with right now.

The Night Circus

This is an elegant, wandering, multi-strand tale of a mysterious circus that travels in secrecy and arrives without warning. Nobody knows when or where it will appear, or how long it will stay. The tents are filled with magical, mysterious displays. People are obsessed with it, and for good reason. It could be dangerous or simply wonderful — even after reading the book it’s hard to know which. Either way it doesn’t matter. It’s so beautifully written, I long to wake up one morning, as dawn washes the dark from the sky, to find the circus has appeared in my town.


Station 11

I should simply write nothing about this book because words cannot describe how much I love it. I bought it after everyone I trusted in the world told me it was amazing, and they were ALL right. It starts in a pandemic apocalypse (sound familiar?) and then jumps forward in time to follow a group of survivors who are exploring the remains of America in a roving band of Shakespearean actors, travelling from settlement to settlement performing plays for people who can barely remember the times before life was like this. It’s scary, and thoughtful, and ultimately filled with hope. Maybe skim the first chapter while we’re all locked in our houses, but the rest will lift you.


The Likeness

This Irish crime novel by Tana French is one of my all-time favorite books. I’ve read it multiple times, and I never stop loving it. It follows a female detective, as she investigates a murder victim who looks exactly like her. Using their alikeness as a weapon, she takes over the dead woman’s life – moving in with her friends into a house in the countryside outside Dublin. She begins investigating them from within but then, slowly falls in love with them and their lives. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous decision. Because one of them is a killer.


This feminist reinterpretation of The Odyssey told from the perspective of the banished witch, Circe, is the most beautiful, heartbreaking, glorious look at the Greek myths in all of time. Circe’s story is bittersweet. She’s young and voiceless, expected to be nothing but beautiful and compliant. Because she isn’t either of those things, she’s punished by being banished to an island to live completely alone. There, in isolation, she finds herself. The tale is told with wonderful compassion. It’s funny and dry, and terribly poignant in places. I cried 3 times listening to the audiobook. Honestly, it’s so gorgeously written I don’t know why I bother.

The Coldest Girl in ColdTown

This is my favorite vampire novel of the last ten years I think, and there have been a LOT of vampire novels in that time. It tells the tale of a town that has been invaded by vampires, but for young people, the party must go on. The story follows a damaged girl as she breaks into a vampire fortress to seek help for a friend. It’s a dark look at social media, youth, modern life and…well. Vampires. It’s strange and unique and I’ve read it 3 times.

The Shut Out - A short story

The Shut Out

This exclusive short story, available only to members of my book club, takes place after the end of The Echo Killing but before the start of A Beautiful Corpse. WARNING: If you haven’t read The Echo Killing, it contains many spoilers. But if you have, forge ahead by clicking the link below. 


Night School

For Night School Fans Only

Night School

This is the place for Night School fans who want more of the series than just five books. I get emails all the time from you guys and, believe me, I hear you.

I’ve got thoughts and ideas about future books in this series, and I may have some news before too long. But things take ages in publishing. So, while we’re all waiting to find out what the future holds, this is a place where you can hang out, and catch up on the series.

The web series

If you haven’t watched the Night School web series, now’s the time! It’s all up and free on my Youtube channel. Instead of trying to dramatise the series, we made it as a series of extras, for those who’ve read the series. See the action from other characters perspective. Hear what Katie thinks. And Carter. Get inside their heads.

Read the prequel

The Day The Lights Went Out is set five years before the beginning of Night School, book 1. Carter is 11 years old. Isabelle is the new headmistress at Cimmeria Academy. And Nathaniel is about to strike the school for the first time. This is where it all started. The very beginning of the fight that will take them all to the edge, and cost some of their lives. Read The Day The Lights Went Out.

More prequels and reverse POVs

Over the years, I’ve written numerous chapters as reverse points of view. You can also find deleted chapters here, that didn’t make it into the final books, as well as a prequel set on Allie’s first day at Brixton Hill School.

I’m In – Welcome to Brixton Hill
It’s Allie’s first day, and she’s about to meet a couple of guys who are going to get her in a lot of trouble. Read I’m In here.

Just Breathe: Carter
See the Summer Splash from Carter’s point of view. Saving Allie in the pond in the dark in the nude… Read Just Breathe here.

Take a Chance: Carter
Here’s THAT scene in Carter’s bedroom from Night School 1, from Carter’s perspective. Read Take A Chance here.

The Winter Ball: Carter
See the night of the Winter Ball from Night School Legacy in a reverse POV from Carter’s perspective. Why did he do what he did?  Read The Winter Ball Scene here.

We Can Take it Back: Sylvain
The night of the Winter Ball from Legacy, in a reverse POV from Sylvain’s point of view. Why did he follow Allie outside? Read Sylvain’s view of the Winter Ball here. 

We Need to Run: Sylvain
The fight in the woods with Gabe from Legacy, seen from Sylvain’s point of view. Read We Need To Run here.