New book of short stories!

After months of lockdown silence, there’s so much happening right now, I don’t even know where to start. It’s like my world just burst into life! Number 10 is coming out in English this autumn. I’ve written a new adult book. I’m currently writing book 2 in the Number 10 series. And THIS. This is happening right this very second.

After all of your enthusiasm for the Night School 1987 short story, I went through my collection of short stories, out-takes, and reverse perspectives from the Night School series and realised I had 200 PAGES of them. For years they’ve been stored here and there — some are on my website now in my Book Club, free for members to read — others were tucked away and almost forgotten about.

When I realised how much there was, I finally decided it was time to compile them in one place, and this book is it. So, at last you’ll be able to read all the alternate perspectives and prequels, without hunting for them. More than that — I’ve also included long chapters from unpublished paranormal books set in the Night School world. Rather dizzyingly, these have characters with the same names as Night School characters, but they are not the same. Sort of like immortal versions of the characters you know. It was wild for me to read through these for the first time in years, and be warned: you may find it very strange, too. But it’s strange in a good way, I hope.

The whole book has been designed and illustrated by the amazing Jasmine Poole, who has created a beautiful world inspired by the descriptions in Night School of the medieval art on the walls of the chapel at Cimmeria Academy.

See what I mean? It’s lush. And the best news of all: It’s out now! It will be available worldwide from all online bookshops in English. We’re making the text available to Night School’s international publishers for translation, and I really hope it will be out in more languages soon!

In the meantime, buy it:

From Amazon

From Moonflower Books

Both ship worldwide!

Follow me on social media (links are just below this post), and join my book club as I’ll be giving away copies there very soon.

And, as always, thank you for being here!

CJ x

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