Night School 1987

I’m so excited to announce that a brand new Night School short story is out now! You can read it on this website, free of charge.

In Night School 1987 we travel back to Cimmeria in the ’80s, when Isabelle, Nathaniel and Raj are 16-year-olds navigating their own Night School adventure. We also meet Allie’s mum, Elizabeth Meldrum.

To access the story all you need to do is join my book club by signing up by clicking here. It’s super easy — just fill in a few details and boom – you’re in! It’s as easy as that. In addition to Night School 1987, you’ll find a lot more prequels and outtakes from Night School, as well a short story from The Echo Killing series. Also my reading recommendations, and other goodies, which are just for members.

I really hope you like this glimpse at Night School’s past.

Christi x

PS: Some wonderful fans out there have already helped to translate the story into Polish, Norweigan, German, Serbian, Italian and Greek!

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  1. loved it soo soooo much! and i am really angry at raj 🙁
    i hope they find together someday- maybe in number10 (pleeease)?

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