New Book, New Web Series

I’m thrilled to announce the release of A Beautiful Corpse in the US and Canada (it will be out next week in the UK, and soon in Europe). At the same time, I’m launching a new web series on my Youtube Channel.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I needed someone to help me set it up. Now, I’ve convinced Justine Duhart, who hosts her own hugely successful Youtube channel, to help me make the webisodes. And it’s all coming together.

Each film will take on a different topic. The first – Welcome To The Wordshed – is a tour of the little shed in my garden where I work every day.

The second will be about the parallels between my past as a crime reporter in Savannah, and Harper McClain’s job in The Echo Killing. The third will be about film and television deals and Night School.

This is new and fun – and weird to see myself on screen so much – so you are all welcome to ask me questions and tell me what you think in the comments of every video. When we make the next batch, I’ll choose some of your questions to answer.

I’m linking the first film here. Check it out, and subscribe to my Youtube channel to be the first to see the rest!

Have a great week!

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