Book Club Questions – The Echo Killing

I’ve had a number of requests for book club questions for The Echo Killing, so I’ve decided to put all that I can think of here. If you have ideas for questions I’ve left off the list, please add them in the comments below! I suspect some of you will be better at these questions than me.  I’ll update the list regularly with your suggestions.

And, thanks so much to Tiffany Henry for suggesting on my Facebook page that I should do this!

Questions for Book Clubs

Did you notice a change in Harper throughout the story?

Do you think her actions in the book were justified?

Is it possible to go too far when you’re searching for a killer? If you were in her shoes, would you go as far as Harper does?

Why does Harper go to meet the person she meets in the last chapter of the book? Would you have done the same in her shoes?

There are rules about relationships between cops and reporters, which Harper constantly bumps up against. Are these rules reasonable? Or should adults be trusted to separate work and their private lives? Or is the temptation to share secrets too strong?

Harper talks a lot about being alone – is she really as alone as she feels?

Who was your favorite side character in the book? (Options include: Bonnie, Miles, Luke, DJ, Baxter, Blazer, Smith, Riley, etc.) Why do you like them?

If you were casting a movie of The Echo Killing, who would you cast as Harper? What about Smith? And Luke?

What do you think of the title? Does The Echo Killing accurately reflect the story? What other title might you have chosen?

The book is set in Savannah, Ga. Does the setting feel real to you? Is it well described?

Can you see influences of other crime novels in The Echo Killing? If so, which books does it remind you of?

The Echo Killing is all seen from Harper’s perspective. If other perspectives were included, whose point of view would you like to see?

Christi Daugherty’s previous books were written for a young adult audience. Does this book make you consider reading them?

If you had the chance to ask Christi Daugherty one question after reading The Echo Killing, what would it be?

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