Night School the single out today!


Singer Betsa Collins today released Night School, a song inspired by the Night School book series, and I am SO in love with this song, you guys.

Betsa sent me a recording of her singing the song right after she wrote it late last year. I instantly fell in love with it. We started talking then about how we could get the song released.

At just 17 years old, Betsa is already a professional singer/songwriter, working with top music producers. With producer Brad Mair, she recorded an accoustic version of the song in time for us to use it as backing music for the Night School Endgame book trailer. Night School fans went crazy for the song.

A few weeks later, she recorded a final version with new instrumentation, and today that song is out for all to hear (and buy!), with a brand new music trailer by Jack Jewers with cinematography by John Collins.

I think Betsa is the most incredible new talent. Her voice just soars. Her song perfectly captures the feeling of the Night School books — the darkness and melancholy, the love and the fear.

I have no doubt that Betsa’s going to be a star. And we will be able to say we knew her when she was just starting out.

You can buy the song on iTunes now and all major music platforms worldwide. Check out Betsa’s Youtube channel for more songs!

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