For a limited time only: The Web Series returns!

I’m thrilled to announce that – in honour of the Night School cast’s panel this weekend at London ComicCon – the Night School Web Series is BACK for two days only.

Let’s re-live its bloody, violent, criminal, beautiful amazingness all over again!

Carter without his shirt! Allie trashing her school! Sylvain being called a ‘tosser’!

God, I love it so MUCH.

Remember, though — Like all the best magic, it will disappear at midnight on Sunday. When the bell tolls 12, and the moonlight is bright on the water, the web series goes back to its secret hiding place for reasons I cannot yet tell you.

Don’t Miss It.

p.s. Want to watch the rest of the web series? Scroll back through my news stories. There are links there that I am TOLD still might just work. But you didn’t hear it from me.


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