COVER REVEAL – The Secret Fire

The Secret Fire Final


I’m delighted to reveal the cover of the first book in my brand new series!!

Honestly, I love it so much I could EAT IT. Or roll around on it. I can’t stop staring at it.

Co-written with the award-winning French novelist, Carina Rozenfeld, The Secret Fire will be published this September in the UK, the US and Canada, and later in France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, and around the world!

Set in both Paris and England, The Secret Fire is a two-part series about a boy who cannot die, and the only girl in the world who can save him. Sacha and Taylor must unravel an ancient mystery, learn to understand ancient beliefs, and stop a curse set so long ago, no one can remember it any more.

They have 8 weeks to save Sacha’s life. 8 weeks to save the world.

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