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Want to play a game?

Welcome to the UKYA Easter Egg Hunt! This is a contest being run by a jolly, chocolate-loving group of UK-based authors. It’s free to take part! One very lucky winner will win a huge grand prize of signed books!

Easter eggIt’s easy to play. All you have to do is read this blog, count up how many chocolate eggs you see on this page with  the words READ UKYA on them, then follow the link at the bottom of this very page to the lovely Kate Ormand’s page, and count the eggs on that page. Then follow the link at the end of that page and do the same thing again.

There are about 30 writers taking part. When you find yourself linked back to the page where you started, you’ve reached the end!

Add up how many eggs you’ve seen along the way. Email your answer to: UKYA2015egghunt@gmail.com. A winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries, and contacted by email. The books will be sent to the winner within days.

This is a WORLDWIDE CONTEST. You do not have to live in the UK to take part!

Entries must be received by noon (UK time) on Sunday, 5th April.

Go find all the eggs! And discover some awesome YA authors and books along the way.

Good luck!

Night School 1 USA PaperbackNight School 4 GermanyFracture Poland cover Zagrozeni Resistance UK cover

Rupture French cover










While you’re here: discover Night School

The Night School series follows an ordinary London girl, Allie Sheridan, whose family crumbled after her brother disappeared. Somewhere the along the way everyone forgot about her.

That’s when she started getting into trouble.

After she’s arrested for the third time, Allie is sent away from her London home to a boarding school deep in the English countryside. Her parents say it’s for her own good. She knows they just want to get rid of her.Easter egg

Cimmeria Academy is no ordinary school. Its rules are strangely archaic. No modern technology is allowed. Its students are the children of the political and financial elite – these are the richest kids in Britain. And they want to know what Allie is doing there.

They introduce Allie to what life is like for kids who have it all. From sneaking up onto the rooftops after curfew to midnight skinny-dipping, they break all the rules with style. Allie is seduced by their glamorous, reckless world, and by the devastating charm of French exchange student, Sylvain.

But everything is not as perfect as it seems.

At the school’s lavish and decadent summer ball, Sylvain betrays her trust. As the night descends into chaos, Allie finds one of her friends murdered. As loyalties shift and dangerous secrets unravel, Allie has no idea who to trust. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

Welcome to Night School.

Blog Hop Along

I hope you enjoyed blog-hopping to my page! To find more Easter eggs, head on now to lovely Kate Ormand’s page.

Happy egg counting!

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