Night School Endgame Cover Reveal!

Night School Endgame UK cover low-res


I’m thrilled to reveal the UK cover of Night School Endgame!

My publisher and I went round and round about this one. This is the final book in the Night school series. So it mattered as much to me, in many ways, as the cover of book 1.

I knew I wanted Allie to look directly at the camera, for the first time in the series. I knew I wanted her to look like a fighter. I kept using the word ‘challenging’ in my emails to Little Brown.

I wanted her to look like she could kick ass.

I think they captured it perfectly. I hope you like it!

Endgame publishes June 2015 in the UK and the US and Canada, and later around the world!


  1. When will it come out in Greece?????????? Please fast. I love Allie Sheridan, I’m a fan.
    Also,please,tell me that Sylvain isn’t going to die.I will be too sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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