Get ready for the Night School Web Series

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Everything is all abuzz here in CJ-Land. A whole team is working on the Night School Web Series. The editors are currently cutting the episodes. Then other technical work will be done to even out the sound and add music.

So far, they all look amazing.

The series launches on my Youtube channel 12 December. We’re hoping to subtitle it in a few languages.

I know there’s been a lot of speculation about the series — who’s in it, what will it be like.

Here’s what to expect

The series will be six episodes. One episode will be released each week on my YouTube channel. Each episode will be fairly short – less than ten minutes long.

The series does not attempt to dramatise the Night School series – it doesn’t start at the beginning and then tell the story of the books as a film would. Instead, the films are additional scenes set in the world of Cimmeria Academy.

Think of them like extra chapters or reverse points of view.

This lets us see the characters in a way we haven’t seen them in the books.

Carter, Allie, Sylvain and Eleanor in front of Cimmeria Academy

The characters who appear in this series are: Allie, Carter, Sylvain, Mark, Katie, Jo, Nathaniel and Gabe.

Every episode is unique – so one episode doesn’t lead into the next. That means: NO CLIFFHANGERS.

Each episode gives us a new look at the characters involved.

So we get to see what Nathaniel’s really like. What he really believes.

Nathaniel in the halls of power

And Katie gets to tell her side of the story, at last.


Katie Gilmore glam


Allie explains why she doesn’t wait to be rescued anymore.

And, of course, there’s Mark.Who is simply awesome.


Allie and Mark


I can’t wait!

I don’t want to give too much away — I want you to be surprised – so I won’t tell you too much. But I really think the series is amazing and I can’t wait for you to see it.

So get ready for 12 December. It all kicks off then. The episodes come out one a week after that for six weeks.

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