Night School Resistance Trailer and MORE

Yesterday, the Night School Resistance book trailer launched exclusively on the website of Maximum Pop Magazine. More than a thousand of you watched it in less than twelve hours! Incredible!

Now you can watch it here, too! I’ve watched it about 100 times today alone.

Join me in my obsession.


Reverse POV Scene

In a hugely popular poll on my Facebook page last month, Night School fans told me loud and clear they wanted to read the scene from Night School Legacy: The night of the Winter Ball from Sylvain’s perspective.

Want to read it?

Read the reverse POV.

Read Chapter One of Resistance

Chapter One of Resistance is now online as well. If you haven’t read Fracture it’s only a tiny bit spoilery. It’s generally quite safe, I think. You might just wonder what the heck the characters are doing being where they are.

It’s free to read online now!





  1. I love night school Resistance but I have one question will there be another book because there has to be Thanks!

  2. Dear C.J.,
    I started reading Resistance on Friday and it kept me glued, page after page, word after word.
    Many msny thanks for chapter 38: it was time for Ally to follow her heart! I ever knew that was the right thing, but the way you described it was so … simply AMAZING! Many many thanks again for it!!!
    But when I realized to have read the last words of this 4th book, I started to say (copying Allie): no, no, no C.J. How can we wait for the last book?
    But above all, please assure me that a miracle will happen at the beginning of 5th book. I don’t want to reveal details (please, buy this beautiful book and read it asap!!!!!), but I need to know that love will go over anything and any problem.
    I hope you are already working at the final of the story, please tell me that we have not to wait too much months, i think I’m not able to wait…
    when the 5th book will be released?
    I’m waiting the italian version for Fracture, but I could wait, so I bought the last books in english.
    sorry for being so long, but I wanted to thank you so mouch for all this story!
    I hope you will find half a minute for sending me a word, an answer.
    … and remember to breath, always!!!

    1. Hi Barbara

      I’m so glad you liked Resistance! That’s wonderful to hear! I feel like maybe it was the most important book of all in the series.

      Night School 5 comes out next June in English. So there will be a little time to wait. But I’ll be putting reverse POVs and extra chapters on my WattPad page, and I’ll link them all here so you can find them!

      I’m putting up a chapter from Carter’s point of view on Friday.

      And thank you. You keep breathing, too.

      CJ xo

  3. Only for reply to Sabia.
    Yes, there will be thd last book, the 5th.
    I don’t know how to wait!!!

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