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Night School Resistance, Book 4 in the Night School series, is officially released today in the UK! *Throws confetti everywhere*

Resistance comes out TOMORROW in the US and Canada. It will be out in France in 1 week. And Germany ALREADY HAS IT. *Waves at Germany*

I’ll update my Facebook page throughout the day with news. The book trailer is scheduled to launch at 1pm UK time (14:00 Europe time, 7am USA time) on the website of Maximum Pop Magazine. I’ll put a link up on Facebook as soon as I have it.

There will be an EXCLUSIVE chance to read the first chapter on WattPad at the same time!

Congratulations to everyone getting their books, in book shops,  by post or via EBOOK MAGIC today! I really hope you absolutely LOVE Resistance.

Maximum Pop has put up some photos from the book trailer shoot. Look at SYLVAIN.


    1. I think only book one is out in Brazil so far, Aline! Book 2 is supposed to come out there later this year. I hope all the books are out there very SOON! 🙂

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