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I’ve just posted a brand new Night School prequel on Watt Pad

Called The Day the Lights Went Out, the prequel is set five years before the start of Night School One. Isabelle has been headmistress for one year. Carter is eleven years old.

And Nathaniel is about to make his presence known for the first time.

This story introduces a new character you will meet again in later Night School books. It also explains once and for all why there are no computers at Cimmeria Academy.

The first half of the story is up now! The second half will go up in the same place next Friday.

I hope you like it!

Read The Day the Lights Went Out on WattPad.






  1. Hi Cj, 🙂
    I love it
    i never really thought why are there no computers.
    and Carter… 🙂
    i can not wait until next Friday…

  2. Oh my! This is absolutely awesome 😀 I guess Dom is the new character in the Night School series. Can’t wait for next week… and June! I can’t believe I had been capable of waiting eight months to read Resistance lol

  3. il est génial, c’est super bien et je ne peux pas attendre la semaine prochaine pour la suite!! Pourquoi le temps ne passe pas plus vite jusqu’en juin?! je ne peux plus attendre pour Résistance!! Et merci beaucoup pour ce nouveau Prequel! il est génial!!!

  4. I love Night School so much 🙂 could you tell me when Legacy will be published in Hungary? Thank you 🙂 P.S.:the coffee looks magnificent 😀 I wish I could drink it right now 😛

    1. Hi Petra! Thank you so much! I think Legacy is out in Hungary now, or will be soon. Ask at your local book store — they will be able to tell you. CJ x

  5. I totally love the series and I can’t wait for Resistance! The prequel is really good, giving us more details. I am very curious to learn what’s going to happen next and I’m currently reading the first 3 books for like the 5th time or something! I’m sure the fourth one will be breath-taking. Btw the coffee looks great!

  6. Hi, im from germany 😀
    First: I ♥ NIGHT SCHOOL
    But I`m not good in english an I can`t translate the prequel 🙁
    I want to read it! ♥♥♥

    1. Hi Lilli! I think it was translated into German by Night School’s Germany publisher. I believe they put a German version in some later editions of Book 1. Maybe if you check with the German Night School Facebook page, they might be able to tell you where you can find the German version! 🙂

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