New Prequel Coming Friday!

Breaking news

THIS FRIDAY, 11 April, I will be putting up a new free PREQUEL!

It is set 5 years before the start of Night School 1. Carter West is 11 years old. Allie hasn’t yet committed her first crime. And Nathaniel is about to make his presence known.

It’s called The Day the Lights Went Out.

I’ll be releasing it first on WattPad as an exclusive. Later, I’ll put it up here, on my website.

The prequel is in two parts. The first will be released this Friday and the second half will be released next Friday.

So, please join me on Friday. I’ll bring the coffee.



  1. AWESOME!!!!!!
    I can’t wait!!!
    I wish you could tell me when is Night School Resistance going to be released in Mexico?
    I loved the books!

  2. Arghhhh yeah soooo excited!!! Im craving something new to read with night school, after i finished the third book for the tenth time huhummm…. But yeaah cant wait!!! Allso really excited for resistance!!!

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