US Readers: Get Ready

may man

America and Canada I have this to say: MAY 9, 2014. As in THIS MAY. Night School 2 is coming your way at LAST.

And that’s not all.

You have been the most patient readers EVER. But the wait is over.

Night School 3 will come out in the US and Canada just THREE WEEKS LATER.

And then there’s this:

Night School 4 will come out in the US ONE DAY after its UK release in June. OMG.

It’s all about to happen.

I’ll be revealing the US covers soon. I cannot WAIT for you to see them.


  1. YES!!!!!! I have been waiting for this ever since last summer! I am so happy! This just made my day….. or year. 🙂

    When I got the email on my phone, I was so excited, I literally screamed (but nobody was hurt)! I am so happy! Thank you so much! I love the series so much, it is by far my favorite series I have ever read. Like EVER.

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