Night School WINS Book Prize!

Salisbury Book Award
Here I am, KISSING my prize ribbon. I am PATHETIC.


I am thrilled to announce that yesterday Night School won the Salisbury Schools Book Prize!

This award means so much to me because it is chosen by readers themselves at schools throughout the beautiful town of Salisbury here in England.

I want to say a huge thank you to the librarians and teachers at Salisbury schools! All the books in the contest were excellent, and the students read each of them. It was a fabulous contest and I’m so happy they picked Night School!

Here are some photos from the day.

Salisbury Book prize 1
Look at my face! I look so stunned.

I really didn’t expect to win, so it was such a wonderful surprise to find out the readers chose Night School!

Salsbury book awards 2
Some of the wonderful Salisbury voters

I stayed to sign everyone’s books and hand out bookmarks. These students were just really fabulous to talk to. 

Salisbury Book Awards 3
The students asked brilliant questions.

The question and answer session was great as the students asked really good questions. There were a  number of dedicated writers among them, so we talked about the complicated process of creating a book.

The competition
The competition

All in all, it was such a great day and I’m so proud of this award! Big LOVE to Salisbury!




  1. Congratulations! You totally deserved it! Night School is an AMAZING book! I loved it! And I’m glad it won!

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