Facebook CONTEST!

Night School Facebook banner


I need a new Facebook banner and I am rubbish at design.

My husband designed the one above, which is the one I’m using now. It’s ACE. But I think I need a new one.

And it struck me that many of you are VERY talented. And pretty. And nice.

So let’s make a deal

Anyone who wants to take part, please design a Facebook banner for my Facebook page. It can be anything you want. It would be nice if it incorporated a few covers from more than one country. But it doesn’t have to. Let your imagination run wild.

It just has to be the right size to be the banner on that page.

I will choose my favourite and it will go up on my Facebook page! That person will win a signed copy of the Night School book of their choice. My second and third favourites will receive signed bookmarks and other FUN THINGS.

Submit your design as Jpegs or the equivalent either by posting them on my Facebook page, or by emailing them to me at MoonflowerBooks@gmail.com.

The contest ends 23 March 2014.


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