Resistance UK cover REVEALED

At last! The UK cover for Night School 4 is ready to be seen.

I absolutely love it. The stark, black-and-white background, the flame of hair. It’s one of my favourite covers so far.

Night School 4 will be published in JUNE 2014.

I know an earlier version of this cover was leaked a few months ago but I love the final cover so much more. Everything is all brought together beautifully.

I hope you like it, too.

Resistance UK cover


  1. Cannot wait! Nearly screamed the house down with excitement. Looking forward to it can’t wait for when it’s ready to pre-order

  2. hello CJ Daugherty , the cover is just beautiful 🙂
    but do you know when the book will be out in Frace ?
    i just can’t wait for it !!! the third book was awesome !!! and like the others but i will want to know how the Relationship between Sylvain and Allie will ending ? i love Sylvain please make them together !!

  3. I have to wait sooo long. Now I can look forward to two things in June. My baby and the book ^^ awesome! Btw the cover looks great ofcourse 😉

  4. OMG really? I’ve been begging for Fractures for months now and still don’t have it. And have have already Resistance cover… I feel so out-dated…

  5. OMG the cover is so beautiful!!! Fracture in Spain doesn’t come out until next year but I couldn’t wait that much so I just got it in English and I’m reading it at the moment!! I’M L-O-V-I-N-G IT

  6. Omg is that a WEDDING ring on allies finger and this is how I see Allie when I was reading the last 3 books btw I love this cover I think it’s the best cover yet. I can’t wait till the next book comes out 😀

  7. It sames amazing!!! But know I didn’t have reading the 3st book beacuase in Spain doesn’t come out. When it come out???

  8. I just finished the books now and I, I IN LOVE!! I can’t wait for the 4th book!!! and is that a ring on Allie’s hand?:o Whoo will she choose, or rather say what will heart say? I wish she and Carter get back together! <3
    Can't wait the preview to come out!! xx

  9. Oh, my God! When I read the last pages of Fracture, I was so upset because I wanted more. I cant’ wait for Resistance:) When are you making the book trailer?

  10. i’m soo sorry i was wrong really sorry
    Rosina Henderson and if this is true i can not wait for resistance it wil be soo good

  11. I really love Carter’s POV about the Winter Ball but it would be awesome to read one about when Carter and Allie are in the forest and kiss and why Carter pretended to be in detention to be with Allie from Carter’s POV. It would also be great to read one about Carter’s POV when Allie and him are in the shed when gardening.

  12. I agree with Hannah mainly because I am so completely team carter. Sylvain should move back to france ( hmph)
    anyway yeah a carte rpov would be so cooool
    especially the detention bit. its obvious why, cuz he loves her duh,carter AND ALLIE 4EVER.

  13. Every book in the series so far is AMAZING and each book got better and better each time. Time is in the way of me and that book.The cover is so tempting. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am going to cry if Carter and Allie do not get back together. They are perfect even with everything that is going on. I’m going to get resistance tomorrow and I am hoping Allie and Carter are going to get back together. By far the best book couple I have ever read about. love the books, they are amazing!:D #TEAMCARTER!

  15. Oh my, Is Allie not a little young to get married o.o Maybe its a disguise :O Oooo this is all so exciting but I agree with Jessica! TEAM CARTER ALL THE WAY. I WILL ALSO CRY AND ILL BE LOST FOREVER. I dont trust Sylvain, Allie and Carter make a much better couple anyway. They have deep chemistry like they have both had problems with family and Carter still obvioulsy loves her! I dislike Jules because she is with Carter. I ship Carter and Allie to the max! #TEAMCARTER ALLIE AND CARTER MUST GET BACK TOGETHER :'(

  16. Wow. The two above comments from jessica and aria explain my every feeling right now! xD carte and allie are perfect. sylvain was mean to her in the first book and i still not over that allie and carter just need to be together its ovbious allie still loves him and its obvious he still loves her i think sylvain just gets in the way and confuses allie cuz she has had relationships with both of them. not only that carter and allie suit much better they both have had panic attack trouble and both have had family trouble in the past and they understand eachother and even when they werent talking in fracture who did carte drag away from danger in the forest? ALLIE it just has to happen i might cry too xDDDD lol

  17. I forgot to add #TEAMCARTER is this like a thing now? twitter trending or something? xD it should bee if it isnt lol

  18. J’adore résistance et je suis d’accord avec les commentaires précédents comme quoi Allie et Carter sont faits pour être ensemble. J’ai adoré NS4 et j’attends avec impatience NS5 en espérant que Allie et Carter vont de nouveau se revoir. Au fait CJ quand sort NS5? Et merci encore de nous offrir cette série magnifique. Vive le couple Allie et Carter # TEAMCARTER

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