Killing your darlings

Crime scene

I never killed anyone I really loved until the long, cold winter I spent writing my second novel.

I had killed before, of course. In Night School I killed one person. A girl. A minor character. Someone who wasn’t terribly nice to my main character. Or terribly interesting.

It was upsetting as crimes always are but, let’s be honest. No one missed Ruth. I’ve never received one message from a reader asking why I killed her.

In Night School Legacy, though, things were different. It was like I had a taste for murder and now I couldn’t stop.

Read the rest of my blogpost about killing off beloved characters on the Author Allsorts blog.


  1. dont worry, you dont have a BIG taste for murder, when i was in year 6, i wrote a story which killed my:=> main characters parents
    =>my main characters manager and workers
    =>my main character
    =>my main characters best friends.
    im amazing xD xo

  2. nice article… It was a little strange the fact that XX died, but it clearly made the book more intense and interesting. It also shows that innocent is always the first victim. Good job!!!

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