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For the last two weeks you’ve been asking me questions, here on my website, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Most of that time I’ve been on the road, touring the UK to support Night School Fracture, so I filmed my answers all over the place – in Gloucestershire, Monmouth, and Dorset. In my car, in a pasture, at roadside services, and in my hotel. Wherever I happened to be!

See me rock roadside services! Watch me get stuck in a traffic jam!

I hope I’ve answered all your most pressing questions, but please keep asking me things! I love hearing from you.

You make every day BETTER.


CJ xx




  1. Hello Can you help me to make the OFFICIAL MEXICAN FAN CLUB of NS? I mean I need your help and support for this I’m a big fan and I need to read “Facture” here in México isn’t it :'(
    Another question why you killed Jo? I cried 2 weeks :'( she was PERFECT

    Alright that’s all 🙂 thanks and a bit love for you :)xxx

  2. Dear C.J. Daugherty,
    i really love your books and it would be sooo cool if Night School gets a movie!!! 😀 And I am very exicted when in Germany comes out the 4. book of Night School!
    Sincerlly Kathi

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