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Things have been so crazy in CJ Land lately, I haven’t been around to chat or hang out, respond to your questions or even reply to emails!


I’m really sorry. It’s just that I’ve been promoting the latest Night School books while simultaneously finishing the second draft of Night School 4. I’m also working on a top-secret project with another writer that MAY turn into something I want to tell you about soon but it’s not ready yet so… Arrrggghh.

*Struggles to keep secrets*

Because of all this I thought it was time for a game of Ask CJ. Here’s how it will work: You ask me whatever questions are most driving you crazy. The questions can be about me, the books, the characters, Cimmeria Academy, my favourite cookies… ANYTHING.

A carefully chosen panel (me and Jack) will choose our favourites and then I’ll do an answer video.


We’re on the road a lot for the next two weeks visiting schools to talk with the students about writing and why you should definitely do it (Look out Haberdashers Girls School in Monmouth – I’m heading YOUR way!). When we’re back home I’ll upload the video and VOILA!

Ask your questions in the comments section of this blogpost, or on my Facebook page. DON’T EMAIL ME. I’m so far behind on emails my inbox is a place of despair for me.

And thanks so much for your patience everyone. You are all made of AWESOME.

I heart you all.

CJ xoxo


  1. Dear CJ,
    thanks for ask CJ! 🙂

    If You could choose who would you give your heart – Carter or Sylvain?

    Where does your basic idea, to wrote Night School?

    Do You expect so much succes?

    Thanks for answer my questions! 🙂
    Greets Laura

  2. Hi CJ,
    Thanks for ask CJ 😉
    Is there a chance that fans can be part of the trailers? or do you hold auditions or anything for them? because i tried to enter in the magazine competition but couldnt fine the magazine anywhere!!!
    Thanks for answering my question!
    Jess xx

  3. Hello C.j,
    I wonder if there is a Night school character you created from your personality. Which one look more like you ? ( sorry for my english i’m french!)
    Thank you

  4. Do you have any tips for staying motivated when you have a deadline to make? I’m doing an English degree and often find it hard!
    And how do you manage to stay so creative? After spending so much time wiring essays I struggle for good ideas for blog posts!

    Love Night School so much!!

  5. Hello, CJ!
    What’s your favourite character? I ship Allie and Carter, at all! And I love Isabelle, too.
    My other question is: where the hell is Matthew the security guard from book 1? He is going to come back? Maybe it’s just me, but I figured out some secretely love story between he and Isa. Or it’s just my immagination?
    With love, from Italy. 😀

  6. Hola C.J. !
    When will Night School fracture come out in Mexico? I need to know who is the cheater 😮
    And how the idea of Carter and Sylvain came to you? I mean why or how did you create their personalities and how they look like, like they are?
    I’m sorry for my english if there’s something wrong. Thank you! Have a good day (:

  7. Hi C.J. 🙂
    I always wanted to ask you that question. Is there going to be a night school movie ? Me and my friend are wondering. We would defienetly go on the premiere 🙂 #nighters #teamsylvain #teamcarter

  8. I hope your happy with your self ……IM ADDICTED haha I absolutely love your book your really talented Im on the 3rd book already I only started reading 2 weeks ago I really do love this book sooo much pleaseeeeeeeeeeee tell me there will be a movie I think id die of excitement 😮 you really are a special and talented writer I LOVE IT !!!!!! :O

  9. Hi CJ …
    My question is: Why Gabe hates Allie?
      A Zoe also where it came from??¡¡¡
    lol …
    Kisses from Mexico
    Sorry for my English if it is very bad …

  10. who will allie choose or just say something abouut allie,carter and sylvain…
    and what will hapend with Nathaniel now??
    I can not wait until june:(!!!
    is driving me crazy

  11. Hi! CJ!
    I read book “Wybrani” (polish edition of “Night School”) and it’s amazing! So i’d like to ask what will be happen in next part?

  12. Hi CJ!
    Who will end up with Allie? I fervently hope it’s Sylvain
    Why doesn’t Carter go for Jules?
    I’m soooooooo addicted to NIGHT SCHOOL!
    We love you CJ! :*

  13. Hi cj
    I have like a thousand questions but I’m not gonna bore you so ill only ask a few.
    1- r u team carter or team sylvain
    2- will there be a movie
    3-when is number four coming out
    4- why can’t you just ship sylvain back to France so carter and allie can live happily ever after
    5-if you had to choose a celebrity that most resembles carter and sylvain I’m your mind who would it be.
    Personally I think carter would be taylor lautner and sylvain would be Pierre boulangeire but that’s just me
    Thanks xxxxxxxxx
    With love from London

  14. Hey CJ ♡
    Your books are AWESOME! Can’t wait to read m all. 🙂
    I’ve got two questions..
    1. If you where asked to join Night School (or any other secret society) would you say yes?
    2. Will you write a lot more about Sylvain, his character and stuff? I so totally ship Allie & Sylvain ♡♡♡
    Love ya!

  15. Hey hey CJ!
    I love your books SO MUCH IT HURTS! And I’m totally going for Sylvain, you? 🙂
    My questions are:
    1. Would you write something more about Sylvain’s world falling apart, which he had mentioned in Legacy?
    2. Is Book 4 (I heard it’ll be named ‘Resistance’, but I’m not sure) going to be more about the spy and stuff, or Allie’s love life? I’d love the second option 🙂
    I would be SO honoured if you answerd any of my questions 🙂
    I really admire you, you are my favorite Author, I suppose 🙂
    Sorry for my mistakes,
    Lots of love from Poland! :*

  16. Hi Daugherty,
    Well… Actually I don’t have any dessperate questions for you because I already made up to you most of them in Facebook. Remember? It’s Valeria, or Gaia, and we’ve been chating a lot, but suddenly you didn’t answer me. Now I know why and I completly understand you. I’m just waiting here for the third book that will come next year as you told me. The idea of the video I love it and it will be pretty if I hear from you something for me on it, because I feel very happy that sometimes you tell me I made your day. Daugherty, you never answered me why the exact day of your birthday is a secret 😀
    Valeria (as always)

  17. hello, CJ Daugherty ! and than’s for your ask CJ Daugherty !
    I have a question : books they have adapted to the cinema?
    And an other 🙂 : there will be a book 5?
    Because you said that you were writing the book 4 but what About the 5th ? And will it be the last ?

    Thank’ s for your answer. France loves you ! 😉
    Goodbye Laeticia

  18. Hi CJ!!!
    I’ve always wondered what Night School would be like if it was made in to a film!!
    If Night School was turne in to a film, witch I hope it will be, who would you like to have playing some of the characters? Would there be any fans you would like to have play them or any of your favourite actors?!

    We love you CJ <3

  19. Hey!
    OMG!! Love the books, Where can I get a Sylvain of my very own and please tell me we’re going to get to know him better in book 4.
    I’m secretly hoping Lucinda’s sending Allie and Rachel to stay at sylvain’s house in france and we’ll get to find out his story and how he really feels about Allie.Please please please give us his pov on the whole Allie/Carter relationship/breakup. He’s been so patient in waiting for her.
    As i said before love your books and need my next transportation to Cimmeria please

  20. hey!!
    I love your books and I REALLY want to know when book 4 comes out!! I agree with the comment above by Sam as well!! I would also love it if night school was turned into a film! as I said before- when does book 4 come out?
    you are amazing!! xx

  21. Hey CJ!!!
    I love the Night School books and I really wanna know how you came up with the idea of it!
    btw I can’t wait for the fourth book!!!
    xx Paulina

  22. Hi CJ!
    Well, I have like a world of questions for you, but I chose just 2:
    1. Will you give a book tour in America?
    2. When is your Birthday? I’ve always wanted to know :B
    (Sorry if there’s any mistake)

    Te amo!
    Lots Of Love from Mexico 😀

  23. Hi CJ!
    I am in love with Carter, I love him so much and I ship so much Allie and Carter. I don’t like Sylvain…my question is…are you team Carter or team Sylvain? I hope that Carter, hahaha.
    I really can’t wait to read Fracture.
    P.D: Allie and Carter should to be together, have to be together, please!!

  24. Dear C.J. Daughtery
    Could you please tell me what about the film?I would relly like film basted on your books ( but please Carter and Sylvein must be very handesome).
    Love your books and sorry for mistakes ( I am Polish so i cant speak English very well)
    <3 Monika

  25. hi! I am a big fun of the night school books! can you tell us when the next book (night school 4) will come out in UK ??? thanks 🙂

  26. Hi. I read only “Night School 1” but but right away I liked. I’d just like to say that Mrs. write beautifully and I look forward to the next part.
    If you do not live to see the translation is even buy English 🙂

    PS we invite Mrs. to Poland
    I greet inspiration…

    Sorry for the disjointed writing but I’m using google translate 😛

  27. Dear C.J.,
    maybe I’m not a classic reader of yours, but I’d like to send you just a few words to thank you. I am not a teenager, I’m a 38 years old woman who read your first Night School book last winter, in italian. I loved it so much I can’t wait the translation of Legacy. So I bought the english e book, because I was so excited to know more. Then I read also Fracture in english, even if I am italian, I loved reading them both.
    I am not the target of your great works, I have full time job and husband +2 daughters waiting me at the end of the day, but I read your books in a few days, till midnight and I love them so much I cannot wait till june!
    I understand very well Allie: she is attracted by Sylvain abd his good manners, but the free and true love is Carter!
    Many thanks!

  28. Hi Cj,
    I’m a HUGE fan of your work…I’m literally dying to find out what happens in the 4th book after you left me in suspense… June seems ages away..CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

    Lola xoxo

  29. Hi C.J,
    I loved Night School and I want to read more but…. Your second book is only available in the UK and I live in the US. So when is the second book released in the US?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!?!!?! I dying to find out what happens..

  30. hello ♥ C.J
    my ask is the 4 book is resistance? and the public is already cover this? and if not when published?
    PD: I speaking spanish, not english
    PD2:PD2: here is the picture of the book cover 4 is that? and if not spacious to 6 books if??? is that I feel is not abancar saga will not only five should be 6 books if?? please

  31. Hi C.J
    I haven’t ridden the third part yet so my question is: is Sylvain bad? Because I hope that not but I’m not sure
    Sorry for my bad english I’m spanish
    With love from Spain

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