Fracture is OUT in the UK



Today is Night School Fracture’s official UK release day! At last it’s in bookshops and Nighters in the UK and Ireland can find out what happened next.

I’m very proud of this book, and the journey Allie takes in it. I feel like I took that journey with her.

As I’m now in the middle of writing Book 4, I’m watching her change with every book. Grow braver and more mature. And not just her, but the other Night School characters as well. Carter and Sylvain are learning from their mistakes, and that is changing them. Rachel is learning to stretch and take more chances.

Zoe, though, is always Zoe. And I love her for it.

Night School 3 in your country

If you’re not in the UK or Ireland, don’t despair. It comes out in September in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. In October in France. And early next year in Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world.

Also, by November I’m hoping ALL THREE BOOKS in the series will be out in the US and Canada. Keep your fingers crossed that I can make this happen.

Thank you

Thanks so much for going on this journey with me. You make it all worthwhile.


  1. Hi C.J Daugherty
    I’m Judit from Spain and I want to know when is going to come up the third book of Night School to Spain
    Thank you

  2. I love series so much brought the book as soon as it came out and read it within a couples days just like the last two books seriously cannot wait for the next one your writing is amazing C.J.Daugherty!!!:D

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! I’VE READ THE 3RD BOOK!! * Do not read my comment if you haven’t read it yet* ITS AMAZING. Full of detail and everything. Sylvain acts hurt, and you can tell that he REALLY wants to move on, but their friendship is stopping it. ZOE IS AMAZING. Before they tell Raj, That conversation is HILARIOUS and she’s only 13… LOL! I would love to see ANOTHER book, (unless i’m asking for too much) because i’d like to see what happens during the Jet ride, after it, and also what happens with Nicole, Sylvain, Carter, and Zoe because Rachel and Allie left.

    I love you, CJ. Because your books are FULL of detail and excitement. I was longing so much for Fracture, And now I’ve read it.

    I LOVE IT :)!
    ~Lottie xo

    1. Thank you so much Lottie!! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂 And there will be TWO more books. I’m writing the 4th book now. I can’t wait for you guys to read it.

  4. SAME!! absolutely loved it and I was really lucky becuase I bought the last book in the bookshop! Finished reading but mad at myself because told my self that i was going to finish the other books I bought but the curiosity killed me….. 🙂

    Supriya xxx

  5. Hello CJ Daugherty. I’m Mariana from Portugal and I love your books! You are an amazing writer :).
    Please tell me, when comes out the 3rd book in Portugal, I’m really anxious to read it. hihi
    Thank you very much and keep writing your amazing books!:D

  6. OMG! I love this series soooo much! Once I read the first which was only a month ago I had to read the 2nd which I JUST finished! It was amazing and I nearly cried! I can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out in the US! I kind of wish I was in the UK right now just so I can hurry up and get it! Can’t waitL ^_^

  7. By God!! Do not take any more! I want the book to come on Spain!!.’m really anxious, it’s … it’s so … I have no words to describe how I siento.Enserio, CJDaugherty How do you do? How can you put so much magic in those books and re-do it with this? really are my idol. I’m very anxious because out in Spain.

  8. Omg,I am so happy I got my mates to read the book series and they absolutely love it!!! One of them is a book nerd, the other is a non book person, but now we were part of the same fandom, but now we have to wait for the next book next year….

  9. Hallo
    I’m from Poland. I’ve bought 2 of your books translated in to polish for my doughter (13), and I can’t stop to read it. The 3rd one I’ve got from Amazon, and just finished. I become a fan of your series (despite of my age 40..)I’m happy that, there will be next one.

  10. I bought FRACTURE one day ago and i just want to say you are the best writer , I’m very happy to read this saga , you are incredible , the ambiance is fantastic , I don’t want to finish the book , it is too brilliant ! Thank you for “ces moments d’évasions” ! We love you !
    P.S: Sorry for my english (i’m french) !!!

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