Read Chapter One of FRACTURE


Night School Fracture comes out in the UK NEXT WEEK.

I canNOT believe it. Time’s gone by so fast.

In celebration of its impending release, I’ve put chapter one up on the website for ALL to read.


You must PROMISE ME you will not read this extract if you haven’t already read Legacy. And I mean pinkie promise, so you KNOW this is serious. It contains MASSIVE spoilers.

You will hate me, yourself and the whole WORLD if you read this chapter before reading Book 2 in the series.

I cannot emphasise this enough.

Otherwise…. Read it

For those of you who HAVE read Legacy, here’s Chapter One of Fracture. I hope you like it.

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  1. Hi! I’m spanish, and i read the first book, and i want to read second and thirt book, but i can’t find in spanish, why? More people in spain want to follow reading. 🙂

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