Meet Allie, Sylvain and Carter

This week we’re filming the book trailer for Night School: Fracture. Today the actors met for the first time.

I took a cheeky photograph so you could get your first glimpse. I think they look amazing together.


Allie, Carter, Sylvain first meet


  1. I look forward to the book .. allie and sylvain hope you enjoy your love and touch them .. the made โ€‹โ€‹a mistake at the beginning and I think it’s time for you demonstrate to allie sylvain how much you love.
    I love the story but I imagine it would be better if they did it would be surprising movie so I could have the books and I loved laspeliculas hahahahah seriously admire you .. one greetings from mexico, chiapas
    would be amazing that you will visit us here in Chiapas would love you if you come and these are the places that you should not miss

  2. No he leido aun el segundo libro. Pero, yo creo que Allie y Carter hacen buena pareja y quisiera que se asi! por cierto, ME ENCANTA EL LIBRO! ME FASCINO!

  3. I’M BURSTING OH MY GOD. I honestly can’t wait for Fracture, honestly! is anyone else about to die from excitement? ‘Cause I know I am !
    i can’t wait ohmygod.

  4. I have already finished reading the book.It is so amazing! But I prefer when Allie had a relationship with Carter.And is sad because a very important person has died and is going to be hard to imagine Cimmeria without her. I am very exited,i want to read the third book right now!!

  5. OMG I’ve just finished reading both the books for the 3 rd time, please write more extras I’m sooo,addicted to these!!!!! Carter and allie are soo cute together shame sylvain tempted allie ๐Ÿ™ but i LUV ur books PLEASE rite more extras !!!!!! ( 11 yr old commenting)

  6. I love the love triangle throughout the series so far, I am so looking forward to who she will end up with, am Team Sylvain all the way btw ๐Ÿ™‚ The action is intense and addictive I couldn’t take my nose out of the book! Thank you so much for writing this wonderful, wonderful book series, I will mourn until Book 4! Eeeeeee

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