Going Allie-red: Couldn’t you just DYE?

Jess red hair
Jess, who plays Allie in the Night School book trailers, dyes her hair Allie-red for the role

A few months ago, a friend in Texas got in touch to tell me an amusing story. It seems she’d loaned my book to a woman she knew, and both the woman and her daughter had read it and liked it. The daughter liked it even more than her mother.

She liked it so much, in fact, she’d sneaked out to a local shop, purchased bright red hair dye, and transformed her brunette locks into a vivid, fire-station red – the same colour Allie’s hair at the beginning of Night School.

Apparently, her mother was less than thrilled with this development, and had called my friend to complain.

I thought it was so awesome I didn’t even know where to start.

I mean, how wonderful that she related to Allie so much. And how wonderful to REBEL and just dye. Because if you don’t do crazy, fun, amazing things when you’re sixteen, when will you?


 red hair


I never mentioned this incident to anyone on Facebook on Twitter. But a few months later, a girl named Maddie got in touch on Twitter with a photo of her newly red hair. (Photo above). The message she sent with the it said ‘Now I have hair like Allie!’

I thought she looked incredible.

A short while later, a reader in Mexico got in touch with a photo with HER newly reddened locks (below) shimmering in the light like strands of flame.


@GeeppW redhair


“I dyed my hair like Allie’s!” she wrote.

That was when I started wondering if this could become a thing.

I love the idea of Night School fans identifying each other in a crowd by their bright red hair. Trying out different shades. Using henna or cool dyes.

In Book 1, Allie’s hair is a metallic, vivid henna-red. She’s not trying to look natural – she’s trying to look different.

This was inspired by two things: Angela Chase, the character played by Claire Danes in the TV series My So-Called Life – which I absolutely adore. And also by my friend Sarah, who has hennaed her brown hair into a shiny red for as long as I’ve known her.


LittlePixie624 Red hair


Recently a girl in Scotland who calls herself Little Pixie  on Twitter (Photo above) got in touch and said, “Might not be as bright, but I’m starting to channel those Allie vibes…” Her hair has been turned into a deep auburn, which is JUST AS AWESOME.

So, what about you? Have you ever changed your appearance to look like a fictional character? Would you ever go Allie-red? If you have, send a photo to me on Twitter or by email and I’ll put it on the Night School Facebook page!


  1. Oh, Jess looks so pretty <3
    Well I have not ever dyed my hair like any character, but I searched boyfriends like the characters of books that I love. For example, soon I will be moving to America, and move to another city usually bother me much, but I'm happy because I'll visit Louisiana and have been told that living there many French people, so possibly know even a French guy. I plan to close my eyes and imagine I'm with Sylvain :$

  2. je vais te dire Jess j’en est déjà parlé avec mes parents et je compte bien le faire dès que j’ai le chaussure d’Allie qui vont avec!!!

  3. Sorry for my english, I’m French ^^
    Jess is beautiful! 🙂 It about 2 years ago, I had red hair, but I still do not know Night School. I am always so drawn to red hair, but for now, I decided to dye my hair brown with red highlights in the sun. But I think it’s great to try to look like a fictional character! I find that in all these pictures, the most beautiful red hair is one of Jess 🙂 She has beautiful gray eyes too! It is unfortunate that it is a little young, because it would have been a perfect Allie!

  4. I wanted to thank you for writing such a great book 🙂 You are a GREAT writer!!! Thank you for giving us the chance to enter the world of Night School. I’m so excited to read the third book! I would like Night School never stops!

  5. I will live with my aunt (my father’s sister). The boarding schools are very expensive. And… if the b. school is not like Cimmeria (and if at that b. school there is no a Sylvain hahaha), I’m sure I would hate that =/

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