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VoteCHOOSE  the next Night School extra chapter I write!

I’m going to write an extra chapter for Night School for you to read free online and it’s up to you what I write about. There are three options to consider. The one that gets the most votes, WINS.

My lovely German publisher, Oetinger, is running the contest on its Night School fan page. When the winner is chosen I’ll write the chapter which will appear soon in German first and then in English.

The options are in German so I’m translating them to English here, but you must vote via the link.

1. Sylvain’s POV of the events at the end of Book 1
2. Carter’s POV the night of the winter ball in Book 2
3. What happened to Sylvain and Carter while Allie was at Rachel’s house before the start of Book 2



  1. The first choice :\ since I ship Sylvain and Allow and since I want to see if he actually likes her :\

  2. Those contests are definatly the best. Then Carter, Allie and Sylvain are all involved! I love them all. I think this is one of the only series where I can’t choose between the guys… 😉 xx

  3. Do you know that you have a lot of fans who love the the book series “Night School”, your writing very inspiring.
    I wanted to know when is your next book coming out?
    When,by Speculate, He gets to Israel?
    And you would visit ever in Israel?

  4. I know this is unrelated, but, do you have an actual date for Fracture? Just wondering! And I agree, i think all 3 would be best as I love the night school series hehe

    1. It should be out 15 August, Orla! The publication schedule is the same as the UK so it should be with you in DAYS. Please let me know if you see it in book stores there…

  5. I love Carter (please can Allie and Carter get back together!) but I think I know how he feels about the events in the second book but with Sylvain’s I don’t know. So I would choose:
    1. Sylvain’s POV of the events at the end of Book 1

    Btw, I really dislike Sylvain’s!!
    Ordered book 3 its coming in two days!!! cant wait!

  6. I also love Carter! I really really want them to get back together! I will be so sad if they don’t! Also does book 4 end in “always”?

    1. Olona — Book 2 is OUT in South Africa! And Book 3! If you don’t see them in your local book store, ASK at the counter and they will order them for you! If you have any problems let me know and I will SHOUT at people for you. xx

  7. please do all! your writing is absolutely perfect xx. btw, when does resistance come out in Singapore? i cant wait at all

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