New video interview

I was recently asked by my lovely Polish publisher to do a video interview for the launch of Night School in Poland.

It was so much fun to do I asked the amazing team at Trailermade Films – who do all my book trailers – to cut it down into a super-short video for my website.

They worked their magic and voila!

See for yourself

I don’t know what my  hair is up to in this video – it has a life of its own. But I love what they did with it, and I hope you do, too.

Have a look…


  1. Many authors have said this same advice, but coming from a favourite it’s always better. Thank you! 🙂 I can only hope that one day someone takes a risk and decides it’s a good idea to publish one of my books.

  2. May i just say your book are absoulutly fantastic!!! Thank you for writing them. I can’t wait to read your next book and just want it to be out sooner!! If i ever got the chance to meet you i would. You inspier me to write so thank you ever so much

  3. Have you ever thought about doing school tours. just because alot of authors come to my school and me and everyone else really enjoy it. And also alot of books usually get sold. p.s if you do decide to tour please come to my school its Benton Park in rawdon, leeds

  4. Hi, In the synopsis of Hight School: fracture yoy said that Allie is bad for de loss of her fiend. The friend is Carter? I have’t read the second book yey, but I woud like to know it
    Sorry dor mi horrible english I’m spanish.

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