My Epic UK Book Tour

Ready to sign all the books!

So I’m back at last from the Legacy Book Tour and, OH MY GODDESS, was it amazing.

I racked up 1600 miles, signed 750 books, wore out three signing pens, and met 500 lovely people. It was a fantastic experience.

Jack and I drove  up to Edinburgh on the first day, taking some time to see that gorgeous Scottish city and meet transplanted local girl and author, Elizabeth May. She took us to a pub filled with books and we gossiped like fiends.

The next day, I signed books and talked to the students at the Mary Erskine School, where the students were so welcoming.

The actor John Barrowman was scheduled right after me everywhere I signed in Scotland but somehow I managed not to meet him in person.  Better luck next time, Barrowman!


The next day we were off to Newcastle where I visited the local Waterstones and signed at the very cool Westfield school. The girls there were amazing and asked brilliant questions.

Serious signing at Westfield School

The next day were were in Leeds and Wakefield, where I signed lots of books at Waterstones, met a bunch of old friends and made more than a hundred new friends at the Wakefield Girls High School, which is now one of my favourite schools in the world. I felt completely at home there, and really loved the students who made me laugh.

With my Wakefield girls in Yorkshire.
With my Wakefield girls in Yorkshire.

On Monday I went to the utterly gorgeous Queen Margaret School outside York. The students there just blew me away with their wonderful welcome, their great questions and their friendliness. It was such an amazing event and we sold all the books! I’m pretty sure there were no books left in all of Yorkshire after that signing.

On stage with The Bullingdon Club at The Queen Margaret School

Then we were hurrying to Chester to visit the stellar Queen’s School, where I spent most of the day chatting with the students and the lovely librarian, Gillian. We talked a lot about my background as a journalist and working for the government. Mostly they wanted to hear about what it was like working with spies. Then again, who wouldn’t want to know that?

I love this picture with my Queen’s School peeps!

After that it was back home!  I freed the dog from the kennel, apologised to the enraged cats and had a good night’s sleep in my own bed. Then, in the morning I hustled off to Surbiton High School for World Book Day.

The students there looked absolutely amazing, dressed up as their favourite book characters. I met Thing 1 AND Thing 2 from Dr Seuss, not to mention Willy Wonka. And I saw Katniss, but only from a distance. She looked FIERCE.

Fabulous costumes at Surbiton High School

It was the best book tour EVER. I had the most fabulous time. Thanks so much to the schools and book stores who took care of me, and to all the incredible students. You guys blew me away!

See you on the next tour…


[All photos are by my amazing husband and navigator Jack Jewers]



  1. hey, im a really big fan of your books. Ive read the first one about 6 times and the other 2 times. Ive got my friend into your books too and she is borrowing mine to read.
    I really want to meet you, and to get you to sign my two books so, i was hoping that your could come somewhere in birmingham or even to The Earls High school like John Boynn.
    Many thanks, you are a brilliant writing and i would like to be just like you when i am older. Im glad your husband dared you to write these books

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