Blogtour links and contest clues!

My Blogtour 2013 is well underway now! In case you miss any of the stops, I’m putting them all here.

As of today, you should have collected ALL FOURTEEN secret words. Here are the clues and links to the blogs containing the secret words. The words will be IN BOLD or HIGHLIGHTED so you can find them. They are all attributes you need to be in NIGHT SCHOOL.

Find them all and WIN WIN WIN!  🙂


1. I Want to Read That

Clue: You’ll need this if you want to be top of the class.

2. Fluttering Butterflies

Clue: An important physical attribute and also how I like my coffee and my men. (heh heh)

3. Teen Librarian

Clue: Muhammad Ali was the greatest of these.

4. Mostly Reading YA

I am giving this word away. It is: FAST

5. District YA

Clue: A feisty go getter, Allie also has this quality in abundance. (Hint: On this blog the secret word does not click through to another page but is in BOLD.)

6. So Many Books So Little Time

Clue: You need to be this to win at chess, defeat your enemy and survive Night School. (HINT: on this blog the clue is NOT in bold, but is instead a hyperlink!)

7. The Bookette

Clue:  A person who can keep even your darkest of secrets.

8. Endlessly Bookish

Clue: To settle a fight between friends you need to be this.

9. Bookaholics Book Club

Clue: If you know any jujitsu you’ll have an advantage when it comes to this one.

10. Feeling Fictional

Clue: A good friend is always this.

11. Pewter Wolf

Clue: Telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth, makes you THIS.

12. Book Passion For life

Clue: This kind of person always shoots for the stars.

13. Serendipity Reviews

Clue: Be THIS and you could be a good spy

14. Once Upon a Bookcase

Clue: At first, Allie didn’t think she was THIS, but now she knows she is.


That’s it!

All FOURTEEN CLUES are out! If you’ve collected them all, go quickly to the Members Page on this website and enter them in the form at the bottom.


  1. increible, el otro dia me dio problemas y hoy tambien hay palabras que no me dejan dar y las tengo encontradas 🙁 .. pero adoro el librooo

  2. I absolutely loved this! This was so much fun and such a unique blog tour, like nothing I’ve seen before. This is great. 🙂

  3. Me encanto encontrar las palabras!! Muy divertido!!!! Felicitaciones por su nuevo libro!! Estoy ansiosa por leerlo, cuando sale en la version española? Gracias kiss

  4. i finiiiiish! i found all the words! i enjoy participating in this contes im so happy that i finish 🙂 and also i read the three chapters of legacy book, and its awsome!!
    bye bye kisses

  5. disculpen, tengo una duda cuando saldrá el próximo libro de Night School en Perú, estoy anciosa de leer el siguiente, no puedo esperar.

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