1. Hey! I’m from Germany and I love the nightschool books. I read the first one in German and got the second one in English for my kindle yesterday and have already finished reading it. I really like the story you’ve created and can’t wait for the next book. Could you maybe tell us when it is planned to be published? All the best!

    1. Hi Christina! I’m so glad you like the series so far! I’m so impressed that you can read books in two languages!! I wish I could do that. Book three I believe comes out in early 2014 in English and German. Hang in there! And thank you so much for your LOVELY message!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey! I’m in a similar position to Christina! I’m kinda English though by blood half German, anyway, I got Night School for christmas in German and I loved it! I’m such a big fan and can’t get enough of the characters. I am debating whether to read the second book in German or English, I think I’m going to stick to German because its not out yet and I have something to count down to! This year is going to be torture waiting for 2014! I actually love this book!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! I’m so glad you liked Night School and I’m very impressed that you can read books in two languages! I wish I could do that! Thanks for getting in touch. I hope you like Night School 2!! CJx

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