On the set of the Legacy trailer

So, basically I spent one full day this week running up and down the stairs of a gigantic castle, following a Trailer Made Films crew in hot pursuit of a girl with bright, red hair.

We called this 'Bootcam'...


Filming of the Night School: Legacy book trailer was amazing. We started at 7:30 am, before the duty manager at the castle was QUITE ready for us, and finished at 6pm with loads of gorgeous footage.

Allie/Jess on the camera monitor

The day began stormy and, with the dramatic skies above us, the director decided to shoot outdoors first, along the castle walls and through the Norman section of the old building.

Jess on the old stone walls


Once we had plenty of footage we moved inside, through the great hall, up to the balcony, and on to the chapel.

Jess is quite small, so for some shots she needed a boost... (Photo by: Laura Barbey)

Our Allie Sheridan – played by actress Jessica Sargent – was a trouper. She must have run ten miles that day but she never complained once.


Jess with makeup artist Zoe

And boy did she look the part. In her red, knee-high Doc Martens, and with her wavy, crimson locks and grey eyes, she looked exactly as I always visualised Allie. It was like meeting Allie in person.

Jess with the cameras

I shot loads of behind-the-scenes footage on my phone and Trailermade are going to help me cut that into a trailer for the trailer! As soon as I’ve got it together I’ll post it here.

Jess and the camera crew with a Steadicam

I can’t wait to see the final cut!

'Allie' reading Night School with Allie on the cover...


BTW: Did you spot the Cimmeria Academy crest on Jess’ blazer?? I’ll be giving some of these away later this year…

Cimmeria Academy crest

Huge thanks to Director Jack Jewers, Cinematographer John Collins, and everyone at TrailerMade Films, who also took many of these photos!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! When’s the trailer coming? Because right now I can’t even wait to have Legacy on my hands!! She almost looks like the Allie I imagined :))
    I hope the books get to the cinema someday :)) I would totally go to watch it!!
    And, remember, you have to come to Spain!! snifff :’)

  2. God, now this! I’m only thinking about the second book, and after this, I’ll be bitting my nails while I waith for the trailer too!
    There is an AA for your readers? I need it XD

  3. How do you find your Allie for the book covers and trailers??? Can anyone get the chance, or is it closed if you get what I mean? Xx

  4. Hi Amber. That’s a great question! In this case, a friend who teachers film studies recommended Jess to us. Jess sent photos and we felt she had the right look.

    However, I have toyed with the idea of having an open casting call for Night School fans who think they could stand in as characters in a future Night School book trailer. Is this the sort of thing you’re thinking about? Would you be interested?

  5. J’aime bien Jess, mais je n’avais pas imaginé Allie comme ça !
    Elle est trop classe l’insigne de Cimméria !
    J’ai trop trop hâte d’avoir enfin Night School Héritage entre mes mains ! Je suis trop contente qui’il sorte en France en premier ! Allie, Carter et les autres me manque !

  6. cant wait for clip to come out, jess looks alike how i imagined allie to look , jus askin is carter or sylvain in this video

  7. hi cj
    ooh, I did wonder.
    yes,it is the sort of thing I was think about and I would be very interessted in that sort of thing. If you ever are holding auditions for Night School, I would love to know.

  8. Habra una pelicula? Casi no soy de las que leen, no me gusta leer pero desde que lei Night School LO AME! Ponme al tanto de todos los planes & asi :DDD

  9. Ahh, me encanta este libro es lo mejor que he leído y si hubiera una película estaría genial! lloraría de la emoción (:
    Bueno, tienes que venir a México o a Mi ciudad Xalapa haha.
    Bueno, si vinieras a México trataría de ir con toda mi alma allá solo para verte xD

  10. Hey you … I want to know if this trailer is for a film if it comes to Israel?? I love you so much! And by the way .. It will be the actress in the movie? :/ Anyway .. I hope that film at all hahaha .. Love ♥

  11. omg so yes there is a movie?? 🙂 And it will be the actress in the movie?? I’m so excited! hmm …. I’ve been imagining it …. He will come to Israel? Please say yes! Love you!

  12. hi, I really thought he was going to a movie seeing all cameras etc. …. but I really hope it goes avoire one. And I’m sure your book will become a best seller, as JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer 🙂 Prevennez us on your facebook page, your twitter account and your blog! 🙂 (I am all) Kisses! 🙂 <3 Merry Christmas <3

  13. Allie, is not like in my head, i imagined her hair more dark. I’ve seen the trailer, it’s magic ! Cimmeria exist ! 😀 I can’t wait the third book ! (I’m french, so excuse me for my english, it must be special !)

  14. Hi, CJ! I loved every moment of these books. I think i’ve read them so many times, I could read them to everyone without looking at the pages. The books are full with so many emotions!! … I almost cried!

    I’d love to play as Jo, because I have the hair as hers. When my friends in real read them, we did this quiz, of who could play who, and we acted it out jokingly. They all said i’d be a good Jo.

    I can’t wait for Fracture. On the tab to read a sum up of books, Fracture seamed amazing just by reading the first lines of the sum up!

    Can’t wait.
    Have a good summer guyzz!! xxx <3

  15. Hi! I am French, so my English is not great, but I think you understand me 🙂 Night School is the best book I’ve read! Congratulations! I would love to go to Cimmeria! Allie is lucky! That would be my dream to be instead of Jess! I could play Allie, I have red hair, everyone tells me! Unfortunately, I’m French, so I think I have no chance to play Allie? I think Jess is Allie well, but she is too young … I imagine a little older, with more darker hair. It would be great to find someone who looks like Allie on the cover. Because that’s how I think. You are the best, CJ 🙂

  16. OMB!! i can’t wait… i love the book and i waiting the next book and the movie… i hope than the movie come to the cinemas in Colombia 😀 i’m so happy 😀

  17. hi :)ı love you so much..Turkey hasnt book 2 and book 3. please help me :(((only night school we havent legacy and fracture 🙁

  18. Hi Cj,
    I have a question probably one you have been asked a million times but oh well! Are the characters in Night School based in anyone you know? If so who? (unless it’s personal )

  19. Hello . I have only one question .I really like Night School. I am from Romania. When will Night Scool: Legacy appear in Romania?

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