New excerpt from Night School: Legacy

I hope you all liked the first extract from Night School: Legacy that I put up here two weeks ago!

As promised, I’ve now added to it.

If you did read the first excerpt, simply scroll down until you see the words ‘New excerpt begins’. It’s written in RED. You can’t miss it. If you haven’t read the first extract, you’ll probably want to start at the very beginning.

Read the latest extract here.





  1. I will wait impatiently, but I hope that the extras you come soon, indeed it is that I am charmed with itthe form in which it tells the history of a has different points of view

  2. me encantó night school y ya estoy esperando a que salga legacy en españa,no aguanto más… 😀
    fue empezar a leer y no pude parar escribes de tal manera que te hace meterte de lleno en la historia. sencillamente fantástico

  3. I have night school about ten times and still can’t stop reading it i love it so much!!! I can’t wait for Legacy to come out!!!

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