Night School: Legacy cover reveal and MORE

The time has come.

We are now just three months away from publication of Night School: Legacy in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It’s time for you to see what’s coming.

But that’s not all!

*Drum roll*

Here are the first few pages of Night School Legacy!Β  I’ll be releasing more pages on my blog every two weeks until the book publishes in January.

I really hope you like it.



  1. OH…. I swear I’m dying of impatience.
    I want the book, really NEED to read it. Last night I dreamed about this, you know? I dreamed that I read it, but I woke up and I was very sad.
    You’re a great writer, I fell in love with your story.

  2. I’m DYING for the love of god can we not bribe you to put the book out on kindle for Christmas or on shelves PLEASE granted I dont have a lot to. Bribe you with lol I hope you do a book tour with this one =) and come to birmingham! Xx

    1. πŸ™‚ I’m definitely doing a book tour and I hope to make it to Birmingham! As soon as the dates are decided I’ll post them here, Dani. And some stores are cheeky and put the book out a bit early — keep checking around/right after Christmas. Who knows what might happen??

  3. OMG i can’t actully wait!! πŸ˜€ whats the date that its going to come out in UK? I love night school so much!<3

  4. I love the cover it looks more amazing then book one did, I just read the part of the book you’ve put on the website and it seeems amazing, I’m definately preordering this book!!

  5. OH MY GOD! I REALLY need to know when it’s going to come te next book in Spanish! Some of my friends have read the book and we can’t wait!!

  6. I love the new extract but I think it would be a good idea, if you had time, to write a reverse POV of the scene where Sylvain rescues Allie from the fire. I think a lot of people were wondering what he was thinking.

  7. I can’t wait for night school 2 to come out in the UK now πŸ˜€ Bring on January 18th. Damn just when my GCSE science exams are πŸ™ I will read legacy around my revision though.I need to know what happens!!! Also, do you think legacy is the last book in the series or might we hear more of the amazing Allie Sheridan???

    1. Hi Sophie. Don’t let me mess up your exams! Read Legacy AFTER. πŸ™‚

      There will be 5 books in the series altogether, I think. So there’s loads more Allie/Carter/Sylvain to come. πŸ™‚

  8. Wow I’m soooo excited about book 2! :)When I finished book 1 I melted and yelled please be there a second book! Keep up the fantaboulous work CJ Daugherty!

  9. c.j daugherty your books are amzing just finished reading night school legacy , just wondering when book three is coming out i love your books and can not wait till you make a movie of this book its ganna be amazing

  10. first of all: I did really love the first two books of the night school series.
    and sorry, if IΒ΄m not very patient, but when does the third book come out???

  11. Is there going to be a night school 3. If there is when is it going to be released in the UK.
    I just finished reading night school legacy it was amazing! I really do hope there is going to be another one. πŸ˜€

  12. I must admit, I prefered Night School to Legacy, because I cried the whole way through Legacy :’) my friends just finnished Night School and when I tried to explain what happenns in Legacy to them, I started to cry…yep, I think I’m addicted:’) but the series is amazing and I can’t wait for number 3 to come out πŸ˜€

  13. I loved both books and was so gutted at the end of legacy as I did not want it to end! So happy to hear there will be more books in this series, as I read both of the books from night school in two days and couldn’t put the books down! πŸ˜€

  14. hy CJ Daugherty,please can you tell me when will be the Night School 2 in that first book so much and i’m so happy that there is a second book!

  15. I just read Night School in italian! amazing!! when do you thing the second book will released in italian?! Can’t wait for it!

  16. I was so gutted when i finished night school:legacy i didn’t want it to end…..I don’t normally read books, but when i read the first few pages of night school i literally couldn’t put the book down. When is night school 3 coming out! I cant wait!!!:D

  17. C.J Daughtery I just recently finished Night School and I LOVED it! Could you please tell me when Night School legacy comes to the U.S ! I’m dying to read more!! (:

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