Go Independent!

Last week, I was honoured to be invited to an event at Little Brown’s swanky London offices. While there, I snapped this picture of Night School hanging out with some VERY FAMOUS BOOKS.

The gathering was in honour of independent book stores, and it brought authors, editors and book sellers together.

I met amazing, dedicated book fanatics from Watermark Books in London and Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath. They blew me away with their encyclopaedic knowledge of books.

I grew up buying all my books at independent book stores but many are gone now, so it was wonderful to see that some are still thriving!

Is there an independent book store in your town? Are they amazing?? If so, recommend them here. And please support them!

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  1. How awesome! My local children’s independent book shop is Victoria Park Books in Hackney. They’re awesome! I volunteered there for a while, and it’s such a great shop!

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