And the winners are…

First of all, can I just say how awesome all the entries were?? I LOVED your descriptions of characters and the reasons why you related to them. One of the things I love most about fiction is the way everyone sees each book in their own light. One book means many different things, depending upon who reads it. And that is absolutely true of characters as well.

It fills me with joy to know that people connected with Allie, Rachel, Jo, Jules, Carter, Lucas and Sylvain.

There were so many categories, this list is a bit lengthy, but every single one of you deserves to win – in fact, you’ll see I expanded the categories to give more away because so many people entered!

If you didn’t win this time, please enter the next competition/giveaway. I promise you there will be MORE!

Winners of German copies

Michelle and Frances

Winners of Dutch copies

Natasja and Emilija

Winners of UK copies

Aqila and Aya Nissan

Winners of Spanish copies

Aixa Mendez Tvrdoñ and Tatiana

Winner of the French copy


Winners of signed postcards and bookmarks

– Annelies
– Alice im Bucherland
– Christina
– Shivaashinni
– Ruthsheela Ryder
– Lee-Anne Devlin
– Simina
– Laura Sabas
– Salima Korri
– FrostQuinn

Congratulations everyone! *Throws confetti everywhere*

All I need now is a place to send your prizes! You can either email me your address to: or message it to me on Facebook.

Thank you!

Thanks so much to absolutely everyone who took part and shared their thoughts about Night School’s characters.

This has been fun! Now, though, I must go to the post office…


  1. Que emocion!!!! Es la primera vez que gano un sorteo! Tener el libro firmado siiii!!!! Deseando tenerlo en mis manos. Felicidades a todos!

  2. What amazing!!! Congratulations to all the winners!! You are so lucky, wishing to be me… Jajaja that was false, you are lucky!!!! C. J., could you come to Mexico someday?? Please, I really love your books and I would like to have a sign from you on them, someday, please read and try it, please… Have a nice day!!!!

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