Massive Night School Giveaway!

This contest is now CLOSED.

Yesterday on Twitter I promised to have a massive giveaway if my Facebook page reached 400 likes. Which happened INSTANTANEOUSLY.

As in, within TWO minutes.

It was amazing!

Now, as promised, I’m giving away loads of stuff to a few lucky winners.


Enter and you can win one of the following:

–  A signed UK edition of Night School

–  A signed German edition of Night School

–  A signed Dutch edition of Night School

–  A signed Spanish edition of Night School

–  A signed French edition of Night School

–  5 signed bookmarks

–  5 signed postcards

How to enter

It’s super easy, as Jo would say. All you have to do is comment on my Facebook page or on this blog. In your comment tell me which Night School character you relate to the most, and  which of the above prizes you’d most like to win.

All the names will be put into a hat and selected at random. I’ll announce the winners on Monday.

This contest is WORLD-WIDE.


Have you liked the Night School Series Facebook page? It’s new and completely open. You can put up Night School related photos, ideas, blog links, and all kinds of marvellous things. People have already linked it to Night School computer wallpaper they’ve made in TWO languages.


  1. The character I relate to the most would definitely be Allie because I have been in positions where I don’t know who to trust because most of my friends seem to either be hiding things from me or lying to me. I could relate so well to her, because I’ve been in her shoes a couple of times and I could understand her emotions. This book has been written so well and I’ve read it almost 10 times now. Thank you CJ for having written such an amazing book! 🙂

  2. The character that I relate to the most is Allie because like her at the beinning of the book, I was lost in Higgh School becauue I wasn’t like the other girls, it was hard to find someone that I coult talk to about my private life. And it was really hard for me to trust people. And like her I have lost someone that was like a brother to me.
    The prize that i would like the most is a signed postcard. Thanks for the contest. Love from France.

  3. Hey, I related to the character Allie, mainly because she is kept in the dark about her family history, like how her mother was also a student at the school, but Allie had never known until she went searching for the truth, therefore finding out for herself. I would give an example but it is too personal to share for a international competition.
    Just to add on the end, I would appreciate the UK signed addition of Night School.

  4. I liked Carter the most. He is a very interesting character and always good for a suprise. He ist personable but still mysterious, without that annoying “I do not tell you anything”-note.

    I holpe you understand what I mean 😉

    I would appreciate moste a signed german or UK Copy.

    love greetings,

  5. I’m so happy about this!

    I relate to Jo the most in Night School and I’d like the Dutch edition of Night School if I win. 🙂

  6. I’d like to relate to Allie – actually, I’d just like to be her – I always towed the line and I think it would be cool to be able to rebell for a wee bit 😀
    I’d love a UK edition – or even a postcard or bookmark would be cool 🙂

  7. I relate the most to Allie, because she is not like the other Girls in Cimmeria or her old School. She is a very special Girl that says what she wants!
    I like to win a signed UK edition of Night School or a signed Bookmark!

  8. I relate the most to Sylvain, because he’s like me a very charming guy, but he can also be very irascible.
    I would like to win a signed UK edition of Night school or a signed postcard.

  9. I relate the most to Allie, because she’s the kind of girl who faces her issues and deals with them without waiting for someone to come and do it for her. She’s very strong and that’s what makes her such an interesting character to me.
    I would love a signed UK edition of Night School.
    Thanks for the contest !

  10. The character i most relate to is Carter. Although i am a girl, we are similar in the way that i go out with a lot of people to find the right person. And when i find that person, i care for them like carter did. I make sure they are ok ect. I would like either a signed englsh book or a signed bookmark. Thanks 🙂

  11. i think i relete to rachel, I love to hear gossip and I adore science<3. i would love to win a A signed UK edition of Night School or a postcard. cant wait for night school 2!!

  12. Allie was the girl who dragged me into the book, it began that I most related to her because of her red hair and then her personality and circumstances set in and I started relating more and more to her, making it the first book in a while that I physically could not set down until I had read every page. I would love to win the signed UK edition of Night School or really anything on the list. x

  13. I have’t read this book, but I hear only good things about it and wants to read the book too. Unfortunately I don’t know any characters.

    I like to win a signed UK edition of Night School or signed German edition of Night School.

    Greets from Germany


    PS: Sorry, for my English!

  14. I relate to Rachel most because i am quite quiet at first and i love readying books and do my homework on time. Also i have my imiediate group of friends that i stick up for.
    I would like to win a signed UK edition of Night School or a signd Bookmark 🙂

  15. Ich möchte mit Carter beziehen- ER ist zwar misstrauisch aber immer an Allie´s Seite!(wenn sie Hilfe braucht.) Er hat seine eigene Meinung. Und vieles lässt ihn kalt. Wenn ich so manches kalt gelassen hätte, wäre es in so mach einer Situation nicht in Tränen oder auf 3 verschiedene Schulen gegangen. Carter ist auch irgenwie cool^^

    (Deutsche oder anders sprachige Ausgaben mit oder ohne Unterschrift ;DD eigentlich sind alle Preise super^^)

  16. I relate to Allie because in high school I also had a misunderstanding with my friend and because of that I met some great friends.And I know that I can trust and rely on them any time just like Allie with Rachel and Carter.I must say I really love your book CJ.Thanks a lot:D
    I would appreciate a signed UK or Spanish edition.

  17. I love this ! I love the serie and I would like to win a French edition ! 😀 (Or a sign postcard but it’s if I win not the book ah ah ah ah !
    I love Allie in the book, because she’s particular, she’s so nice ! In french, “elle est tellement humaine”.

    Thank you so much, I’m Tom Sortcelier on facebook, the french interviewer 😉

    Good bye !


  18. Hello…
    I like Allie the most…she is very sympathic.
    I would screem loud if i could get a signed GERMAN edition.
    Bye from germany, julia

  19. Wow, that’s a hard one. I absolutely love Rachel and would like to say I relate to her the most and I do. Her love for books and the library. Her love and protection towards her friends, but I’d have to say I relate more to Allie. Her red knee-high Doc Martens shoes, her humor and vulnerability. The Panic-attacks (the counting)and the way she also protects her friends, but gets stabed in the back.I can really relate to her. I understand every line she “says”. Thank you again for making this book(s)
    I would love a signed Dutch version of Night School or signed UK version of Night School.
    Much greetings! Tasj!!

  20. I’d say I relate most to Jules, I like trying to help people out, even if my help isn’t always welcome…. Or liked.

    I’d live a signed UK version of Night School.

    Look forward to your next being released.

  21. The character i most relate to is Allie, because she is an interesting character and she is cool ^^.
    I’d like the german edition of night school or a signed postcard or bookmark.
    Greetings from germany.

  22. For me it would have to be carter,
    I have been an outsider, misjudged & misunderstood
    For all my life and have usually replied with wit and sarcasm
    To such events which only made be even less accepted.
    I love your writing and love night school so much!
    Can’t wait for the sequel!
    Your twetets always make smile 🙂

    If at all possible I would love
    A signed UK edition of Night School
    Thanks 🙂

  23. I know everyone is saying this but i think that i relate to allie. as I am fairly close to.. one of my three brothers and can see where she is coming from. also similar tastes in fasion. Doc Martens for the win!!! 😉

    If i got to have the chance I would like the signed copy of either the book or postcard please. THANKS!!!!!!

  24. I relate to Rachel the most because even though she isn’t extremly quiet like me, I adore reading and I always get my work done immediately up to a high standard. I am also very good at listening however that is probably because of my lack of talking. I also have a protective streak especially when my close friends and sisters are involed. I would love a signed copy of the German copy as the cover is beautiful and my Mother is German and she hasn’t been able to read the book I purchased from England.

  25. Hi,
    I think that I would relate to Rachel the most even though I am not that great in science. But because of her dedication to books and the library, that’s most probably me since I always hide there. And since I already have the book which was super fab, I would love to win either the bookmark or the postcard.
    Thanks 🙂

  26. hi!! the character i relate is rachel because she loves spend the most time in the library, and she have a strange personality, she is alway alone but also she is a good person. i like her a lot.
    i like the Spanish edition of Night School, because here is not for sale. byee kisses 🙂

  27. De muchos de los personajes me identifico con varios. Uno de los que mas me gusta es Carter. Porque era muy reservado pero sus acciones decían mucho. Y con el tiempo confió en Allie. Me gustaría ganarme la edición española del libro firmada. Cuando salga el segundo libro, hay alguna posibilidad de comprarlo desde Uruguay. Porque puede demorar un año en llegar acá. Gracias

  28. At this point I am not able to relate to any of the characters of this book because I have not read it yet.
    But I would love to win the german edition of Night School to change this immediately.
    With love from Germany,

  29. OMG!! Can I join in?

    Well, I like Rachel; we both share the love for books and dedication to study, but I think that i am more like Allie.
    Why? Well:
    1: Our personality are very alike. We can trust, but we are determined.
    2: Her older brother disappeared; mine… died last year (That’s why it was easy for me to understand her and put myself always in her position).
    3: And… well, I have to say this: Allie and I, we are weak on French guys hehe

    And, why would i like to win? Because i live the book. I LOVE IT! I’ve read it 3 times (in spanish) and right now i’m reading it in english.

    It’d be awesome if i could have a signed copy from you in German. I LOVE THE GERMAN COVER! And I’m not ashamed to say it: I printed it, and I have it on my bedroom wall!

  30. I haven’t read this book, but it sounds really good. ((:

    I’d like a UK edition if I win. (:

    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to all (:

  31. I think I relate the most to Carter, even though he’s a boy. But he’s mysterious, he’ll never really say what he thinks, he’d rather thinks it then speaking it. And that’s what I do as well. You can’t hurt people with what you think, and I’d never fully show who I am to someone I don’t know for a long time (I’d like to call that mysterious).But bits by bits Carter and I start to trust people and tell them more about ourselves.
    He’s a little bit dark as well, and you do not want to know in which dark places my thought have been. Carter is also sort of protective, but he doesn’t want to show it to the ones he love. And that’s what I do, I look out for my loved ones but without them realizing. I was never really an outsider like Carter is, but I do like to observe people looking at them from the outside. I also relate to Carter, because he’s a little bit shy although he would never admit it. 😉
    And Carter is above all my (fictional) partner in crime when it comes to witty, sarcastic humour!
    If I could choose my own prize, I would like to win the signed UK version (since I already have a Dutch one) or a signed bookmark/postcard.
    Looking forward to the second one! ^^

  32. The Character “Allie” is my favourite person.
    She is very sympathetic 🙂
    I would like to win the signed german book, because it is my 1. signed book from this author. <3

  33. I’m so happy about this!
    I related to Jo the most in Night School and I’d like A signed German edition of Night School if I win. 🙂

  34. I would say Im most like Carter, ever though he’s a boy. He never says want hes think and Im the same and hes a bit shy.

    I would like a UK signed version Please!

    Ever since reading ‘Night School’ I haven’t bin able to put it down! I can’t wait till book 3!

  35. creo q seria sylvian y carter puesto q al principio parecia q carter seria un rebelde y poco a poco se muestra q ni sylvian ni carter son lo q aparentaban ser, o como se mostraban con allie,me gustaria muchisisimo ganar el sugundo libro de la saga de night school x q deberas ando esperando q salga el libro y no sale,me gustaria q el libro estubiera en español
    gracias sige escribiendo

  36. I am LOVING all of your comments, and the reasons you relate to the characters. This is BRILLIANT.

    Keep them coming! The deadline isn’t until midnight Sunday-ish. Ok, Monday morning UK time. When I will get up and pull winners from a variety of HATS.

  37. I mostly related to allie. Because she felt alone in some ways, and i do feel alone. And i dunno sometimes i could feel what she felt.
    Oh i hope i do win this..

  38. I think Im most like Allie because i allways want to find out the truth especially when secrets are kept from me!

    I would like a UK signed edition please 🙂 Also can’t wait for your next book to come out !


  39. yo me identifico mas con allie x q llego a confiar mucho en la gente y luego esa confiansa se esfuma, lo q mas me gustaria ganar seria el segundo libro:la night school lagacy en español

  40. I love your book i just read it this week, and while i was uploading my video review (in german) I discovered this amazing giveaway.
    Its hard to choose one character, I liked them all but I guess Sylvain is one of the most interresting charactere because you don´t know whats really going on in his mind. And I can´t wait to read the next book.

    I don´t have any special giveaway in mind, just somthing signed from you would be ausome.

    Sorry for my bad english an thank you for this amazing book.

  41. aveces me relaciono con jo x q suelo ser muy divertida aunq no me emborrache me gustaria si gano el sigiente libro de la saga de night shool en español por favor adoro mucho mucho mucho mucho tu libro amor y paz 🙂

  42. aveces me parezco a gabe x q suelo ser aves tranqila aveces callada y una q otra vez sicopata, me gustaria muchisisimo si llego a ganar el sigiente libro de night school en español por favor el segundo libro en español

  43. I think I look like Rachel Patel because I have many friends at school and also because I wear glasses.
    I would like to win the signed bookmarks.

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