Night School in Mexico

Night School has just come out in Mexico and I’ve been getting loads of emails from Night School readers there. So to the new Night School fans, can I just say:

¡Hola! Me encanta México. Y estoy muy contenta de que te gusta Night School!

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Night School poster

Want to see a Night School poster on a Mexico City subway?

Here you go!  Happy Friday everyone!



  1. hi, i’m frida alexz, i ‘am from the Mexico city,I wanted to tell you that your book is ….
    heleido best thing in my life really! and I have to tell you dying to burn to take out the second part of night school

    i love you so much

  2. ¡Hi! I’m from México and I really love your book. Actually, I’ve read it like four times. I was wondering if you can tell me when will be available the second book in my country.

  3. hi, i’m isis from Mexico and i love night school so much i think, that is one of the best book i have read and i can wait for may =D

  4. soy de Argentina y amo el libro es tan genial, deja un final abierto que te deja con tantas ganas de más, son muchísimas hojas las cuales se las lleva el viento, en el momento que termine de leerlo me pregunte donde habían quedado las 500 paginas, fue tan, loco…

  5. Hey!! I LOVED night school and I’m anxious to read legacy but I live in Mexico. I want to know when does the book comes into sale here or if i can order it or something!! Thanks

  6. hey!!!! I LOVE your books!!! They are amazing!!! I’m actually from england but i didnt kow how to leave a message any other way. sorry. I’m finished night school and nearly finished night school legacy. I cant stop reading. you are a amazing writer. I am really excited about the third book in the series… i cant wait!!!

  7. je suis comme toi Kate et rien qu’à l’idée de la sortie du troisième livre je suis excitée! et plus vite il sortira mieux on se jettera dessus pour le lire! 😉

  8. OMG!!! I really love the second book, it was very interesting and addicted,I really love you books I can’t wait for the third book. when it comes out in Mexico 😀

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