1. I actually cant wait for the next book to come out!!! i cant wait that long :(. im just gonna keep reading night school book one until book 2 comes 😀 so what happens about christopher?? 😉

  2. Hello, first of all: congratulations for your great novel (Night School).
    I’ve loved.
    But I have a couple of questions what do to you:
    1.- what is the last name of Sylvain?
    2.- Sylvain will not appear in the second book? It would be a pity. It’s a great character.
    Cheers, be care.
    Thanks before hand. I await your response.

  3. The book was recommended to me from a really nice bookseller here in Germany. I’ve just read Night School( in less than 24 hours), I have such a bad lack of sleep right now but before I head to bed i needed to make a comment(so i’m sorry for my grammar). I LOVED this book, so inspiring…loved every part of it. at the end i couldn’t think which character i loved the most, because i loved them all. And what a great cliffhanger! I really can’t wait for the next book, I want to know more about Allies whole family.This book was so different of all I’ve read before, because my opinion changed like 1000 times while reading, first i thought sylvain was kinda evil…after that i thought he was adorable, i loved the introduction of new characters(especially Rachel)along the way etc.(i could go on and on). The acknowledgement was overwhelming…i just realised that i had so many dreams(writing,singing) and that i totally forgot them while time was passing so fast! So I have to say: I admire your power of endurance and a big thank you to your husband that dared you to write this book 🙂
    Lots of greetings from germany,

  4. oh and by the way, i love oetinger distribution (even though i’ve read the book in english). remembers me of my childhood… books from astrid lindgren 🙂

  5. I would love to know what happens with sylvain, will he not appear in the second book? Love his charakter, would be sooo sad if he would dissapear!

  6. thanks a lot! I have to say, if Night school will get filmed I know the perfect actor for carter, I think he would perfectly fit to carters sexyness and coldness and his “dark side”: Ed Westwick! Maybe you will think about that! Would be so nice to see him in your movie!

  7. Your book is so amazing! I just finished it! Love the character of sylvain, he’s so sexy! Have to smile the whole time when I read that he is smiling sexy or kissing her, im jeallous. Wan’t to have sylvain. You jave to write a sylvain only for me! 🙂 In love with sylvain! <3
    Bur of course Carter is also sexy, but… no one is better then sylvain. Hope there will be a loooot more sylvain in the next few books!

  8. Who would maybe could be a good sylvain is alex pettyfer. I think he could play the sexy, smart france boy perfect, if he could speak with a france accent. Hope he could. He and Ed westwick would be the hottest couple in the movies, hotter than the guys from twilight, hotter than them from panem. They would be hottest hotties in the world!

  9. I’ve just read the book, and it’s amazing ! It’s one of my favourite books now 😉
    But I prefer Sylvain/Allie than Carter/Allie 🙂
    You’re a very good author – don’t stop writing!
    Lots of greetings from germany, i can’t await until your second book appears..

  10. So I just finished the book and I was wondering did you ever mention a last name for sylvain in the book? And when do you think book 2 will come out in the USA cause that’s where I live haha

    1. Hi Maggie. Sylvain’s last name is Cassel, although I don’t think that’s mentioned until Book 2.

      Book 2 comes out in the US next year… Hang in there! 🙂

  11. One day when I was bored and thought about buying a new book I told the seller which kind of books I like and he recommends.When he told me what the story is about I bought it and was so excited to read it ! I can’t wait till the 4th and 5th book is released !
    I told my friend about it and she absolutely loves your books and is obsessed with them.
    like me haha 🙂 will there be a film or when will you think about shooting one ?
    lots of greetings from Germany x

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