A new extra chapter

Hi everyone.

Sorry I’ve been completely lax about posting here, but I finished a revision of Night School: Legacy then promptly went away on holiday to a place with NO Wi-Fi! It was amazing.

Ooh la la!

But now I’m back, and I hear through the publishing world grapevine that Legacy, the second book in the Night School series, will be published in November in France!

This makes France the first country to see Book 2. It will come out in January in the UK, and soon after that every place else.

A chapter extra

In celebration, here’s an extra for the website.

I’ve re-written the scene from Night School that takes place in Carter’s bedroom (you know: THAT scene) from Carter’s point of view.

This is from Chapter 22 of the UK edition and it contains spoilers about a character plot twist, so don’t read it if you haven’t gotten that far in the book yet.

Everyone else:  Read it here. I hope you like it!




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