Girl power

I don’t know what’s up with me, but I’m feeling very girl powery today. Maybe it’s because I’m reading an early edition of Sarra Manning’s fabulous new book, Adorkable. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been very well and I’ve been stuck at home for two weeks being almost kitten-like in my weakness.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been listening to a song that’s been my favourite You-Get-Fired-Up-Girl song for a very long time now. And then I started thinking how my Rachel would like this song, because she quietly rebels against injustice. And she’d probably make Allie listen to it. Allie would be more drawn to hip-hop and street music, so she’d only listen to make Rachel happy. But then, one day, she’d play it just for herself… and it would make her smile.

This would be on summer break, of course. Cimmeria doesn’t allow MP3 players.

But I do.

So, in Rachel’s honour, please allow me to force some 4 Non-Blondes on you. Because they are AWESOME.


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