Prequel chapter!

I’ve just posted a new prequel chapter to the Extras page! It tells the story of Allie’s first day at Brixton Hill School.

If you liked Night School, check in with my Extras page from time to time as I’m planning to fill it up with all kinds of lovely out-takes, prequels, in-between-quels and other wonderful things.

And after you’ve read it, feel free to comment on this post to tell me what you think!


  1. oh my gosh the video is so cool. You are amazing C.J Daugherty I looked at your picture in Google you look pretty.

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVED your book! I CANNOT WAIT untill i can read the next book, your brilliant!! Do you find out who Lucinda is in the next book? How many more books will there be?

  3. Hey, I just finished the book and thought it was great, looking forward to the next one as many questions haven’t been answered. I brought my copy from waterstones in the orpington nugent centre were a man called Mark served me and said he new you and he was a charater in the book? Lies or is it a small world after all?

    1. Ha ha, yes, that’s my friend Mark. I pillaged my friends’ names for Night School, particularly my friends Harry and Mark. Mark, in particular, is now taking full responsibility for practically inspiring the entire book. I like to let him think it was all his idea… 😉

      I’m so glad you liked Night School, and I promise to answer MOST of your questions in the first three chapters of Book 2!!

  4. well i am glad he wasnt lieing to me about his clame to fame haha. he did admit that he hasnt read the book yet, so you might want to talk to him about that ha. going to have to find something else to read now 🙁 im running out of books! xx

    1. Have you read Cassandra Clare? I LOVE her books. I’m currently reading Starters by Lissa Price, and it’s pretty exciting. I’m going to read Divergent next! 🙂

      I can’t believe Mark hasn’t read Night School. He’s so off my Christmas list… 😉

  5. i was also wondering if you know any publishers who publish poems because i’ve written twenty five poems in the last couple of days xx

    1. Faber publish poems, and they’re very good — Good luck! I will definitely write more prequels. As soon as I do I’ll put them on the website and link to them on my Facebook and Twitter feeds!

  6. Hello! Your book is one of my favourites, I love it! The second one when is coming? Can you tell you an exactly date? Thanks 😀

    1. Hi Kristine. I’m so glad you like Night School! Book 2 comes out early next year. I’ll be putting some chapters up on my website in the next month or two, though! 🙂

  7. Just finished reading Night School and oh my god it was so amazing i am definitely demanding that my parents buy it for me along with the second book cause i don’t think my local library will appreciate it if i end up keeping it…i feel practically intoxicated by not only Carter but Allie and the book too. I feel as if I’m in love with your characters and the book itself…okay I’ve stopped confessing my love for your book now just had to get it out some how 🙂

  8. I absolutely loved Night school, i have re-read it now a few times… still amazing. Love the prequel chapters and cannot wait for the second book Legacy.

  9. OMG, I have read Night School that many times my book is literally in tatters and I had to go and buy a new one 😛 But I think Im about to cry. January is my new christmas. Bring on BOOK TWOOOOOO!!!!!

  10. Btw, it says in your extras part of this site that you can’t stop writing about Cimmeria and you should seek help. I think I am speaking for the entire population of readers that have read your book. PLease DO NOT seek help! Just keep your god’s gift of talented writing coming. 😀 😀
    No.1 Fan 😉

  11. i am your number one fan i cant wait fir you next book but i dont get it dus Sylvian still love her and her and her bro where so close could you please say just a litlle bit whats its going be i mean are carter and sylvaine have a big fight ore somthing
    soory for my bad inglish i am from the netherlands thats why i,am your number one fan
    xxxx your 10 year old fan from the netherlands

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