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And I can say, without question, that for a brief fleeting moment, I’m the only person in the world who knows how it ends. Nobody else has read the ending yet. Not my own editor. Not even my husband.

It’s a strangely wonderful feeling.

Win a signed copy!

To celebrate completing 95,000 words, I’m giving away a free signed copy of Night School to one person who comments on this post. I will, quite literally, put all your names in a hat and choose one at absolute random.

If you’d like to enter, all you have to do is comment below. I’ll choose a winner next week, and post it here and on Facebook.

And check the extras page of my website in a day or so. I’m going to begin putting up prequel chapters soon.


  1. This is what my story is about but it isn’t completed just yet, what do you think?

    When it’s the day of Claire Griffith’s funeral that is the day when everything changes. Sophie, a lonesome and isolated sixteen year old is confronted by her angel seeking help to clear a boy’s innocence, but Claire is only the second victim…. Can Sophie solve the case before they strike again…. or do her suspicions endanger her too!

  2. I’m so excited to read the next book. I actually couldn’t but Night School to rest, I was just hooked.

  3. Congratulations on finishing book 2. I hope you’re having a very well earned holiday!

    I’ve just finished book 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it so news of the completion is very exciting.

    Well done!

  4. this book is so amazing. i abserloty love the plot and the mystery and at the end i couldn’t belive it just stoped till i saw ur website

  5. Would love to win a signed copy (although, a signed copy of number 2 would be better!)
    Really enjoyed the first one – so gripping that I had to stay up late to finish it!! 🙂

  6. I really loved night school. It was the best book i’ve ever read and will be. My favourite character was Carter. You’re a very talented writer and I look forward to you other books

  7. Well I thought I would add my comment on here I have read night school 8 times since its come out and I fall more in love with I every time i know I must seem sad bt I love it so much ad I really can’t wait till book 2 comes out

  8. i’m reading another book now, may read all my books again, i love reading so much that all the books i have i’ve put on my wardrobe shelves to make a libary, so i can’t wait for your second book to add to my collection

  9. i read your first book, it was so great that i stayed up most nights reading it, can’t wait for your second book to come out

  10. I would love to read the book! The cover is amazing, so beautiful, and the Book Trailer is so interesting. I really, really hope I will be the lucky winner!

  11. quick question, how do you become a novelist because i love to read and i have such a vivid imagination that it be good to put it at use and thats why i started to write one 🙂

    1. There is only one way, Danielle — and that’s to write. You don’t have to take a class, or get a special degree. Just read a lot and practice writing. Come up with ideas for novels all the time. If you do that, eventually one will come up that won’t leave you. It kind of nags at you. That’s when you sit down and try to write the first few chapters. If you do that, then you can sketch out the rest of the story. Like being a painter or a sculptor — nobody can make you a novelist. You make yourself one. Just by writing. 🙂

  12. well done! I can’t wait to read book 2. Have a well deserved break (but not that long, we want you back to work writing book 3!)

  13. How does it feel to be the only one who knows what happens in book two? It must be an odd time. I’m the only person who knows what happens in most of the stories I write but I don’t think it’s quite the same :). Congratulations on 95,000 words!

  14. I just LOVED this book and I can’t wait for the 2nd. I love Allie and Carter and hope they remain together through the next book. Very suspensful – just kept me guessing as to what was going on there.

  15. I literally just finished reading “Night School” a few minutes ago and enjoyed it so much that I had to get online immediately and see if there was any more information about the next book. I’m thrilled that you’ve finished it already!

    I’m very interested in how the plot plays out, but I think the characters are your strong points. Your characters are complex, not one-dimensional. They make mistakes in their behavior and in their judgment of each other’s characters; they fight, they make up, they’re horrible to each other and they protect each other with their lives. They feel very realistic, even when the plot starts feeling a bit outlandish.

    I can’t wait to read the next book!

  16. OMG!!!! I fell in love with ‘Night School’ as soon as I read it!!! I couldn’t put it down!!!! I can’t wait until the second book comes out, and it’s so far away!!!!!!

    I’m interested to see how the relationship between Allie and Sylvain plays out and the roll Allie’s brother has to play!!! 🙂

    Sooo keen for the second book!!!!!!

  17. OMG i have literally fallen in love with this book, i can’t wait for the next copy and having a signed copy of it would be a dream come true!!!!

  18. What’s book 2 called? when is it getting released? I’m reading night school now and I can’t put it down

    1. Book 2 MIGHT be called Night School: Legacy. We’re still deciding. Because we can’t decide. It will be out in about 8 months! So no time at all. And I’m SO glad you’re liking Night School! 🙂

  19. When I first started reading the first book, I was sure it was going to be another Twilight rip-off, but had to read it because it was a gift. But ever since the first page my parents have had to physically pull it out of my hands to stop me from reading it! I can’t wait until the second one!

  20. omg i felt in love with that amazing story just please can you publish another part of night school. I went through the story about twice i love it.

    1. Thank you Jeena! I’m so glad you liked it! The second book is already written and will be out in about 8 months! I’m already counting the days… 🙂

  21. I loved night school, so much, its amazing, the character all feel real and you can vividly imagine the story on your mind as your reading, the is one of the best books I’ve read in a while. i literally read it in 2 days i loved it that much. The book trailer looks really good too. Great job, can’t wait for the next book, it’s going to be a long 8 months.

  22. congratulations for your hard´s amazing how a story can let you whithout sleeping,XD.I am waiting hopeless for your second book.
    Greetings from Sapin.

  23. I never used to be interested in reading, but recently i have been reading loads of books! When i decided to read Night School i wasn’t sure if it would be suitable for teenagers..then i realised it is the best book! I LOVE the characters and it has made my imagination go craazy! I have not been able to put the book down since a week ago, now i have finished it, i cannot wait to find out the ending!

  24. Hello
    I’m Spanish and your book is fantastic I don’t writer very well english,because i’m 14 ans,so i will be sort. When will came out your second book in spain?
    if you understand spanish:
    no se me da bien el ingles, pero me moria de ganas por escribirte, asique si entiendes el español o algo y por si no lo he escrito bien te lo escribo en español,¿Cuando saldra este segundo libro en España? Me encanto el primero y si no leo el segundo… no se que haria. Sigue escribiendo lo llevas en la sangre!!

    1. Gracias, Esther! Estoy tan feliz de que te gustaba Night School. El próximo libro que sale en el 2013. Sé que es mucho tiempo, pero estoy escribiendo tan rápido como me sea posible. 🙂

  25. Before i read your book (night school) my parents were always telling me to read more but i could never find a good book so i went out looking instead of finding a good book i found a amazing book Instead of telling me to read more they were telling me to slow down i was reading while eating my meals i couldnt stop i got hooked to it. I read the whole book in one week and im quit a slow reader.
    But i just want to say can you PLEASE PLEASE right a second one it would probly be night school Autum term. I LOVED your first one xx
    ps- say thank you to your husband for daring you xxxx

    1. Thank you, Imogen! And Book 2 is already written! It will be published in 7 months. And there’s a prequel chapter on this website (On the Extras page) if you want to read a little more. 🙂

      I’m so glad you liked Night School, and thanks so much for letting me know!

  26. y una cosa más si tienes ánimos yo te animo a que si sale bien hagas una pelicula ARRASARÍA o por lo menos lo que consta a mi 🙂

  27. Hi! I love your book, I’m only twelve years old but I read it in Spanish in three days.
    I’m going to recomend your book to all my friends
    About the book, i’ve got a question, so if you can answer me i’m going to be so happy:

    Do you know when is going to be published the second book in Spanish?

    P.S.:I’m sorry if my English is bad, I do what I can 🙂

    1. Hola Margalida! Gracias! I’m so glad you liked Night School. The next book will be published in Spain in early 2013. I hope you like it! 🙂

  28. hi! I love your book. I couldn’t stop reading it once i picked it up, i was up till gone past one reading it because it was so good

  29. hey! i love night school so much once i started i couldnt put it down my eyes were glued to evrey page as if my life depended on it! i read it in a day,from 9am till 3 am the next day! it just AMAZING! xx

  30. Hey, I was just wondering when the second book will be released because I think im going through withdrawal symptoms, I’v read Night School that much that I know it back to front.

  31. OMG the second book is going to be released on my BIRTHDAY!!! \(~o~)z
    Love your books Daugherty, so glad there is a sequel to the amazing Night School. It is number one on my favorites list!! =D
    oh god…i hope i win (._. ) (*~*)/

  32. hey Daugherty it’s me Jeena. I haven’t talked with you fro ages I was at boarding School uhh… it’s so fun when you board but sometimes the teachers are a bit strict. So as I was looking at your website I saw the other part of night school it is epic!!! How do get all of your super imaginary brain to build a storyy??? You are so cool author.

  33. Night School is awesome!! When I finished the book I went straight online to see if there was a sequel, and there is!!!! I can’t wait !!!! I love the mystery, you are a really good writer! Please keep writing!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi there! I’m from the Netherlands, not that far away from England, though, and I’m a big fan of Night School. In the Netherlands we’ve got a celebration called ”Sinterklaas”, it’s something like father Christmas, but neither totally different in some ways. We celebrate Christmas too, but also Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas is at the 5th of december and everyone’s gettting presents and everyone’s making poems for each other when they give a present.
    For my birthday last summer I got myself the Dutch translation of Night school, ”Het Genootschap van de Nacht”, and I was totally agree with the comments at the back of it: this books is awesome. So I’m going to ask the English Night School. I read several books in English, I like them more in English, so I’m looking forward reading the ”real” Night School. A translation it not the same, you see. Well, here I go, thank you for you great book! Oh, Loby the way: I’m really exctited to read the 2th novel of Night School. Loves, Myke (15)

  35. Oh, hihi, I meant that I’m going to ask that book for Sinterklaas. I didn’t mentioned, but it’s quite essential, otherwise the information about that celebration is a bit irrelevant and stupid. Sorry! c;

  36. Hi Myke — I’m so glad you liked Night School! And I love the Netherlands — such a beautiful country. And I must admit, I did not know about Sinterklaas. I hope you get what you wish for. Also, I’m SO impressed you can already read whole books in English. That’s amazing to me!

    Your message really brightened my day — thank you so much for getting in touch. Readers like you make it all worthwhile!


  37. I really, really want the first book in this series because 1# Night school legacy is my favourite book of all time and reason 2#, I get confused easily because I have, unfortunatly, not got the first book :/.
    3# I don’t even thing I should be reading YA books but now most of my favourite books are YA fiction.
    Also if you reply, which you might not, I will literally brag about it cos I am one of the biggest book geeks in my year!!!!

  38. OMG! You actually replied sorry if I’m scaring you but OMG!!!!
    And WHsmith is nearly always out of stock :/,
    One time my friend told she saw the first book in WHsmith- I nearly hyperveintelated , but when I went there after school it wasn’t there :/ ,
    Sorry if I am bothering you : ) though have a happy day and will you make a third book in the Night School series Because I wanna know what happened afterwards!!! >_<

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