World Book Day Mayhem in Brighton

I hope you did something fun to celebrate World Book Day. I took the train down to Brighton with the lovely Rose from Atom Books to meet the staff at the Brighton Jubilee Library, and holy cow! What a library.

Have you been? It’s huge! With really high ceilings, and balconies all around it and an enormous young adult section with sofas where you can sprawl around reading.

You guys, libraries are SO MUCH NICER now than they were when I was a kid. Rose and I just wandered all afternoon trying to pick our jaws up off the ground, so admiring were we.

A wonderful group of staff and young people hung out with us for a while. I read two chapters of Night School, and then answered questions about the book and the writing process. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, made all the better by the kind and generous workers at Brighton Jubilee.

If you’re in the ‘hood and you haven’t been: Go! If only to see the gold lamé easy chair spinning slowly in the window (I am not making that up).

Come meet me Saturday at noon!

This Saturday, March 3rd, I’ll be at Basingstoke Waterstones at noon, signing books and making a nuisance of myself.

Come along! It’s totally free!

We’ll hang out and drink tea together.



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