Blog Tour Awesomness

I’ve been so busy writing  Book 2 lately that I haven’t had a chance to blog about the AMAZING blog tour that has now ended.

I had the best time guest-blogging about Night School, its characters and my own writing life.  And I want to thank all the blogs SO MUCH for welcoming me so kindly.

Eventually I’m going to put some of those blog posts on here, too. But for now I just want to give you some links so you can read any that you might have missed.

Who are these Kids Anyway?

I wrote about Night School’s main characters for Planet Print.

Night School For Vampires

Later I wrote for Once Upon a Bookcase about how Night School was originally a vampire novel, until pretty much everybody decided it shouldn’t be. Although I still love my vampires.

Feisty Heroines

For the delightful Fluttering Butterflies I wrote about feisty heroines, and how Allie feels about always being rescued.

My So-Called Favourite Schools

For fabulous District YA I blogged about my own favourite books, films and TV series set in schools, and how they influenced me when I began creating Cimmeria Academy.

How I Rock

The wonderful Pewter Wolf allowed me to blog about where I like to write and, more importantly, what I listen to when I need inspiration.

Ask me Anything

I loved doing a Q & A with My Best Friends are Books.

Normal is the New Paranormal

Later I blogged on Writing From the Tub about how “Normal” books can be just as thrilling as paranormal.

Weird Writing Work

And the lovely I Want to Read That let me write about my best, least worst and weirdest writing jobs ever.

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