Night School is running free in the wild


It’s so exciting. A team of really wonderful people has been working towards this day for more than a year.

Now, everyone can buy it! Here’s a picture of it IN A REAL BOOKSTORE!

How it began

The idea for Night School first came to me several years ago when I visited a boarding school near my home. It was a huge, gothic Victorian building surrounded by high metal fencing. At the edge of it was a murky pond, a swimming hole of sorts, overlooked by tall, skeletal trees. It was late on a summer evening — the sun dipped low, casting long shadows.

The image was so extraordinary, it really stayed with me.

At first I thought I’d set a ghost story there — because how could that building NOT be haunted?

But gradually I discovered that what I really wanted to write was a book about what it would be like to be a city girl like me, transplanted into such a foreign world at a young age.

At the time I was writing it, the banking disaster of 2008 had just occurred. So I was also undeniably influenced by the duel concepts of privilege and power.

Out of all of that, Night School was born.

The next book!

I’m now writing the second book in the series, which should be out in early 2013. So if you like the first one, just hang on. I’m writing more!

A fabulous review

I’ve just discovered this lovely review written by Bella on  the truly wonderful CheezyFeet Books blog.

It’s the kind of write-up every writer dreams of, and so well written I can’t help but hope that Bella decides to be a writer herself someday.




  1. hello. i love your book, so hard to put down. i also watched the clip on the page about Night School and was wondering if it was going to become a movie? if so that would be so cool a really good movie, i do hope it will become a movie. can’t wait for your next book 🙂

    thanks for writing such a good book 🙂

    1. I’d love for it to be a movie some day, but so far there are no plans. But if you and your friends keep buying the books, maybe someday it will happen!

  2. it the most amazing book i have ever read and i really want to know whats going to happen next its soo exiting that i cant stop reading it!

  3. Hiya:)
    Loved the book. Once I started i just couldn´t stop.
    Is it going to become a film?
    I´ve liked the book so much that i dont want it to be turned into a film, it would ruin how i see the caractes and everything else.

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