An article by me and reviews-o-rama

My goodness things are busy today! Lots of lovely reviews are out, written by BRILLIANT bloggers. And at the same time, the amazing Vivienne posts a piece I wrote about the inspiration for Night School on her lush Serendipity Reviews blog.

Where to start?

First, I suppose, if you’re considering buying Night School but haven’t made up your mind, it’s good to have some input from people who have already read it.

The lovely Novels on the Run blog takes a thorough and interesting look at the book and its characters.

And the excellent Planet Print blog has a really wonderful review of Night School up now as well.

Finally, the brilliant and luscious Eleusinian Mysteries blog, which I mentioned yesterday, now has a great review up as well!

The REAL Cimmeria?

If you want to know more about how the book came about, you can read all about it on the simply gorgeous Serendipity Reviews, in an article I wrote as today’s stop on my blog tour.

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